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The April/May/June 2016 Canada supplement to Blueprints discusses the provinces of Western Canada. Greenhouse growing is one of the highlighted trends, as it allows year-round production. Blue Book Members can find growers of greenhouse commodities in Canada by using the search function in BBOS.

Log in and select Search Companies, then click on the ‘Location’ link in the toolbar. Choose Canada and the provinces you need. Then click the ‘Commodity’ link in the toolbar and select ‘Greenhouse’ as the growing method. Lastly, use the ‘Classification’ link in the toolbar, and select ‘Produce Sellers’ in the second classification column. Click ‘Search’ on the left of the screen and your results will appear in list form. This list, which can be exported with contact information, can help find new prospects in the region.


Kathi Orlowski is senior project expediter at Blue Book Services, Inc.