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Vast and Varied Trade

The latest from Montreal and Quebec’s robust wholesale market

While the population of the region isn’t surging, demand for fresh produce continues to rise. Part of this is a loyalty to locally produced items, which are further supported by educational campaigns and promotions from trade associations and commodity groups. And as demand stimulates the growth of new, smaller stores in the shadows of the chain giants, it is good news for the wholesalers who depend on small-to-midsize retailers and independents for their business.

Meanwhile, growers in Quebec and throughout Canada are expanding crops and yields to meet climbing demand for local fruits and vegetables, and to capitalize on an export opportunity driven by a lower Canadian dollar and shortages out of California. For la Belle Province’s produce suppliers, and the many consumers in and around Montreal, the forecast remains bright for a robust produce industry.

Photograph courtesy of the Quebec Produce Growers Association.


Chris O’Brien is a writer and researcher based in Boulder, CO. He specializes in business trends with a focus on sustainable industries.