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A tropical produce paradise where trade sizzles

Bayshore Produce LLC also has an extensive international reach. Rosann Cabrera, in produce sales at the Miami importer, exporter, and distributor, comments, “We currently have great working relationships with growers in Costa Rica, Chile, and Guatemala.”

Jost says Robinson Fresh imports a large amount of produce from Central America, primarily Costa Rica and Guatemala. “There is also an influx of volume coming from Chile, Peru, and Ecuador,” he adds. “Many Chilean growers are looking to Peru to eliminate gaps during the year, as the Peruvian climate is good for growing tropical or deciduous fruit when those items are otherwise unavailable.”

An Ever- Improving Port
Located in the heart of downtown, PortMiami is the second largest revenue producing department in Miami-Dade County. The Port contributes nearly $27 billion annually to local and state economies and supports 207,000 jobs in Florida.

If you were going to relocate your business or open up a branch outside of Miami, where would it be? Why?

Frank A. Ramos
The Perishable Specialist, Inc.
We currently clear product all over the United States; our headquarters is where it needs to be: Miami. Known as the ‘Gateway to the Americas,’ Miami is where anyone relevant to produce needs to be.

Rosann Cabrera
Bayshore Produce LLC
We have considered opening new offices in California and Chile. We ship hundreds of trucks and containers from those areas and feel it would be beneficial to have an office in those locations.

Dan Jost
Robinson Fresh
C.H. Robinson and Robinson Fresh currently manage several offices strategically located throughout the state of Florida. Given the large volume of export, import, and global freight-forwarding activities the company engages in, it is necessary to be in close proximity to Port Everglades, the Port of Miami, and Miami airport. It is critical from both a logistics and customer interaction standpoint that C.H. Robinson maintain multiple operations and an active presence in Miami.

Douglas Tannehill
Global Perishable Services LLP
Down the road, we would probably look at a West Coast location, such as a California office, to export to the small islands in the Pacific. We still have great upside opportunities here in South Florida, and we have a very strong team. Developing here in South Florida is our primary objective.