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To Boston and Beyond

A pair of terminal markets upgrade and diversify to better serve the industry

Continuity was an issue at times, according to Burke. “It’s up and down,” he observes. “You get your periods when things are a little tight, but nothing has been impossible to find this year.”

For Condakes, it was more than transportation or shipping rates, it was the struggling economy in general. “For many people, fresh fruits and vegetables are a luxury item,” he explains. “You can tell people eating fresh produce will make them healthier as much as you want—but it’s hard to quantify for people who have a certain number of dollars to spend each week.”

On the Bright Side
Although businesses on both Boston markets face difficult challenges, most have high hopes for Boston’s produce industry. “The market is strong right now,” comments Messinger. “As long as there are retailers in this market, [Boston produce businesses] are going to thrive.”



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