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Big Apple Bustle

Picks, packs, and perks of the Hunts Point terminal market
Big Apple

“Three years in the new store and things are going good,” DiMaggio says. “It definitely helps having a new facility, but it can’t be your only saving grace. Buyers won’t give you a dollar more because of your facility,” he relates. In his opinion, size matters, but customer service is still top priority.

Directory of Business Operating at Hunts Point
AFL Hothouse Produce                          
A&J Produce Corp.                                   
A. J. Trucco, Inc.                                            
Alphas Produce Company                             
Best Tropical Produce                                   
C & J Brothers, Inc.                                         
C. M. Produce LLC                                           
Canyon Sales Company                                   
Chain Trucking                                                   
Coosemans New York, Inc.                                 
Country Wide Produce, Inc.                                
D’Arrigo Bros. Company of New York, Inc.        
D. M. Rothman, Inc.
E. Armata Company, Inc.
Fierman Produce Exchange, Inc.
Fitz & Pal Food Center / Food Barn
Fres Co, LLC
Fruitco Corp.
Gold Medal Produce
Henry Haas, Inc.
Ideal Fruit Exchange
Issam Kanawi Corp.
J Margiotta, Inc.
J. Renella Produce, Inc.
Jerry Porricelli Produce
Juniors Produce Inc.
Katzman Berry Corp.
Korean Farm Corp.
LBD Produce, Inc.
Lee Loi Industries, Inc.
Luna Fresh Greenhouse Corp.
M&R Tomato Distributors, Inc.
M&R Trading Company, Inc.
Mendez International Tropical
Morris Okun, Inc.
Mr. Sprout
Nathel & Nathel, Inc.
National Farm Wholesale
Nature’s Best Produce, Inc.
Pan-Hellenic Produce, Inc.
Robert T. Cochran, Inc.
Rubin Bros. Produce Corp.
S. Katzman Produce, Inc.
Ted Georgallas Tomato & Produce, Inc.
Top Banana
Tray-Wrap, Inc.
Yola Distributors