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Your Trusted Source for Produce Business Reports

In the dynamic world of agriculture business, keeping up-to-date and making well-informed decisions is paramount. Blue Book Services provides valuable business reports for establishing trade connections, renewing relationships, and navigating the industry landscape. We craft these reports to provide you with a wealth of information, enabling you to make informed choices. Let's delve deeper into what our business reports entail and how they can empower you in your agricultural endeavors.

A Wealth of Information at Your Fingertips

Our produce business reports deliver a treasure trove of data, offering a holistic view of the companies you plan to engage with. Here's what you can expect to find within these reports:

Financial Insights:

Gain access to detailed financial information and ratios that illuminate the fiscal health of the company in question. Assessing liquidity, leverage, and efficiency becomes a breeze.

Payment Trends:

Stay up-to-date on reported payment trends, allowing you to anticipate cash flow patterns and potential financial hiccups.

Trade Practice History:

Delve into the company's trade practice history to understand its track record of reliability and consistency.

Ownership Background:

Uncover essential information about the company's ownership structure, helping you understand its organizational hierarchy.

Rating History:

View a company's past financial, trade, and pay ratings to understand its overall growth throughout the years.


Explore branch, subsidiary, and affiliate information to get a comprehensive picture of the company's reach and influence.

The Power of Blue Book Business Reports

Our business reports are a fusion of our proprietary data and commercial data, creating a robust and reliable resource. We consolidate all this information into a single report. This empowers you to stay ahead in the industry and make informed decisions for your business's future.

Blue Book Business Reports are your trusted companions, providing the insights you need to confidently navigate the produce industry. Our reports provide the information you need for evaluating partners, assessing risk, and finding new opportunities.

Inside a Produce Business Report

We tailor our reports for produce suppliers, buyers, transporters, and related businesses. These reports provide a detailed assessment of a company's financial, payment, and rating records.

A sample produce business report.

We offer reports for a nominal fee of $115.00; within the report, you will find:

  • Blue Book ID#: A unique identifier for quick reference.
  • Company Name: The official name of the company.
  • Listing Location: Information about the company's listing location.
  • Contact Details: Addresses, phone numbers, faxes, emails, and website information.
  • Principals & Titles: Insight into the key individuals within the organization.
  • Current Company Rating: A snapshot of the company's current rating and a clear definition.
  • Blue Book Score: The company's current Blue Book Score compared to the industry average.
  • Recent Business Developments: A summary of noteworthy recent events.
  • Business Profile & Background: An in-depth look at the company's history and profile.
  • Bankruptcy Events: If applicable, details about bankruptcy events.
  • Personnel Background: Information about key personnel.
  • Financial Statements: The last three financial statements provided by the company.
  • Trade Report Summary: Year-to-date trade report summary.
  • Trade Reports: Previous two calendar years of trade reports and trade report details for the past 18 months.
  • Commodities Handled: An overview of the types of commodities the company deals with.
  • Operational Insights: Understanding how the company operates.
  • Annual Volume: An indication of the company's scale of operation.
  • Alternate Trade Names: Any other names under which the company operates.
  • Affiliated Businesses: Information about any related businesses.
  • Branch Locations: Details about branch locations.

To request a report, simply go the the company's directory listing to download the latest edition or contact our customer service team. We're here to support your success, and our reports are just one of the many ways in which Blue Book Services stands by your side on your journey to success.