Company Listings Online

Our web-based business tool, Blue Book Online Services (BBOS), allows Members to review real-time produce, transportation, and supply/service listings, ratings, and contact information, all online.

Additional features are included and not available in print – namely Business Reports, credit scores, analytics, and search capabilities to empower your business trading.

Blue Book Services’ business listings are available both online and in print. However, unlike a listing in the print Blue Book, online company listings are updated in real-time. Company listings meet relevancy requirements, are up-to-date and accurate.

Sample-Produce-ListingThe listing is the first stop to find out the specifics about a company you are considering as a trading partner and consists of several components. Every listing contains the basics including:

  • Company name
  • Ownership
  • Address
  • Contact information (phone, and/or email, web site when available)
  • Functions of company
  • If applicable, commodities handled or supplies and services provided
  • A Blue Book Services rating, when earned

Company listings can be searched online by business name and all company listing elements (i.e. commodity, business function, rating, etc.), allowing a member to prospect trading partners by specific search criteria.

Many businesses elect to include additional information in their listings for a nominal cost. Consequently, a majority of listings also contain much more information than the basics. Using Descriptive Listing Content, a company can provide unique details about the business including personnel, specialties, and more, making it easier to select companies you seek. Descriptive Listing Content, including all certification information, are self-reported.

Start the process and become listed with Blue Book Services.  For more information about membership, we encourage you to contact us by phone or online.