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Procurant, Uber Freight partner to transform fresh produce shipping

- General News
The partnership between Procurant and Uber Freight enables any produce supplier with a Procurant account to view a competitive transportation rate and secure shipment of a specific load while responding to an active purchase order.

Thermo King moves forward with electric reefer trailers after Walmart, Loblaws trials

- General News
During more than 2,500 hours of operation, the battery-powered refrigerated trailer unit delivered excellent performance, ensuring high quality climate control to keep food and other goods fresh.

Rail strike averted, but problems remain

- Analysis
After a cooling-off period ordered by the Biden administration, railway companies and workers reached a five-year agreement in mid-September that would extend back to 2020. But not all rank-and-file members have agreed to this measure. And if all of the parties do not sign on, it’s back to the possibility of a rail strike.

C.H. Robinson launches campaign for Truck Driver Appreciation Week

- General News
Global logistics company C.H. Robinson today announced another initiative to honor truck drivers who go above and beyond to deliver the goods the world depends on, despite supply chain challenges.

Investment allows Boa Logistics and Flow Cold Storage to expand

- General News
Cambridge Capital, a leading investment firm focused on the supply chain sector, today announced a majority investment in Boa Logistics and Flow Cold Storage which are innovative, high-growth, third-party logistics companies specializing in refrigerated less-than-truckload ("LTL") freight consolidation, led by industry veterans.

SeaPort Manatee economic impact surges 30% in two years

- General News
SeaPort Manatee’s annual economic impact has surged to more than $5.1 billion, up 30 percent from just two years earlier, while the number of jobs generated by the seaport has grown more than 37 percent, to 37,287, according to a study report released today.

Wabash invests $20MM to expand EcoNex Technology at Minnesota facility

- General News
Wabash, the visionary leader of connected solutions for the transportation, logistics and distribution industries, today announced it is expanding manufacturing capacity of EcoNex Technology to address customer demand and equipment challenges that refrigerated carriers have faced for years, including thermal efficiency, strength, weight and asset life.

Supply chains top concerns: On the horizon

- Produce Blueprints
Given all these challenges, both new and existing, is there hope on the horizon for the logistics and transportation sector?

Supply chains top concerns: Maintenance

- Produce Blueprints
Trucks won’t run without the proper parts, and disruptions in the supply chain have caused a crisis in service and maintenance.

Supply chains top concerns: Detention and Delays

- Produce Blueprints
Everyone in the industry knows about the time lost to delays at ports and elsewhere.