Autonomous trucks may still require a driver

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While a future with automated trucking in some form and to some degree seems certain, the …

Don’t wait too long to fix trucking problems

- Analysis
The industry needs a collaborative effort to solve the systemic issues of produce transportation.

Assessing ‘when’ for autonomous trucks

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Investors can’t even think about garnering public support for such an endeavor without getting those within the transportation and logistics sector fully on board first.

The case for autonomous trucks

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The first commercial delivery by an autonomous truck took place in October 2016, when an 80,000-pound …

Not enough attention is paid to trucking

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Several challenges continue to evolve that will seriously impact both availability and cost effectiveness of transportation: fuel prices, regulation, and the driver shortage.

Trucking hours-of-service proposed changes give industry more flexibility

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) proposed rules ease some of the restrictions since electronic …

PACA’s application to carrier claims

- Trading Assistance
The scope of the PACA is limited. The Act does not give the USDA jurisdiction over transportation firms. But it can still help in these disputes.

Shortage claims must allow for validation

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Any problems on arrival should be noted on the delivery receipt with specificity.

Trading Tip: Assessing Transit Temperatures

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What constitutes a “slight deviation” will vary, but Blue Book’s Transportation Guidelines provide a rule of thumb.

We have to keep an eye on Uber Freight

- Analysis
As Uber gets heavier into the transportation industry, I see two easy lines of thought on their influence.