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Cherry growers find transportation, tariffs and trade tricky

- Produce Blueprints

Rising costs, for cherry growers, include shipping rates and tariffs. “Cherries require careful handling and are …

Sunrise Logistics expands staff to meet growth plans

- General News

Over the past 12 months, Sunrise Logistics, Inc. (SLI) BB #:192796 Ephrata, PA, has been acquiring …

PMA offers sample travel documents for essential food/ag workers

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We know you’re fielding a lot of information from national and state/regional governments. In the United …

Dallas-Fort Worth’s Growth Spurt Forges On

- Produce Blueprints
Dallas and Fort Worth were formerly two distinct cities, but urban sprawl and the Trinity Railway Express have connected them. Still, the two could hardly be more different.

DOT suspends hours-of-service for truckers hauling emergency relief, including food for grocery re-stocking

- General News
To ensure continue safety on the nation’s roadways, the emergency declaration stipulates that once a driver has completed his or her delivery, the driver must receive a minimum of 10 hours off duty if transporting property, and 8 hours if transporting passengers.

Allen Lund Company acquires Des Moines Truck Broker’s Inc.

- General News
The acquisition brings Allen Lund Company’s exceptional reputation and operational excellence together with DMTB’s award-winning proven track record with their product-diverse customer base.

Arrive Logistics Debuts Arrive Fresh for perishables

- General News
Piloted in 2019, Arrive Fresh provides sensitive freight shippers, such as farmers, fresh food suppliers and retailers, with a tailored approach to service.

Oregon agriculture suffers rising costs

- Produce Blueprints

Although the Oregon produce industry as a whole faces everyday hurdles, perhaps the greatest concern is …

Explaining the CHR billion dollar lawsuit

- Analysis
As expected, the lawsuit is complicated, so I consulted Doug Nelson, VP, Trading Assistance for Blue Book to help clarify what’s at stake in the 66-page complaint.

UPDATED: C.H.Robinson faces billion dollar fraud lawsuit

- General News
A group of farmers have filed a $1.1 billion class-action lawsuit against C.H. Robinson, Eden Prairie, MN, claiming the company illegally overcharged farmers.