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Trading Assistance: Late arrival and a solo driver instead of a team

- Produce Blueprints
The Problem: Solo driver used after team agreed to. The Key Point: Proving damages resulting from late arrival can be difficult or impossible. The Solution: A liquidated damages provision can be used to help compensate for losses.

Reefer Downloads: Why they don’t tell the whole story

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Somewhere right now a produce buyer and seller are discussing the streams of temperature and mechanical data from a reefer download.

Courtesy Contacts: New from Blue Book’s Trading Assistance team

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Blue Book Services recently introduced what we’re calling “Courtesy Contacts” for situations where the claimant isn’t quite ready to open a collection.  

Trading Assistance: Warm When Loaded— Maybe

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When fresh product arrives at destination warm, some predictable and unpleasant things tend to happen: first, the receiver objects.

Trading Assistance: How many pallets determine good arrival?

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The Problem: Two bad pallets, eighteen good pallets. The Key Point: Shippers do not promise each pallet will meet good arrival standards.

7 Trading & Transportation Mistakes

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For this article our Trading Assistance team has identified seven common mistakes that can usually be avoided with some additional attention to the devilish details.   

Trading Assistance Dock to Dock: Cover purchases

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When calculating damages when a cover purchase is made, the injured party should be prepared to show the reasonableness of the cost, commodity, and pack purchased as a replacement.

Trading Assistance: Why carriers are not responsible for good arrival on transportation claims

- Trading Assistance
Under the common law of common carriage, carriers often have to prove freedom from negligence and shipper error to avoid responsibility for claims involving fresh produce.

Trading Assistance: Appointment times and reasonable dispatch

- Dock to Dock
The party alleging a guaranteed arrival time should be prepared to prove its allegation with clear and convincing evidence.

Trading Assistance: Don’t sleep on salvage returns

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Trouble loads aren’t much fun. They can be inefficient and frustrating. On the other hand, handling trouble loads is part of buying, selling, and transporting fresh produce. Doing it well limits headaches, waste, and financial losses—and may help preserve valuable business relationships.