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Mexico’s success in strawberry exports is causing friction

- International
In 2019, Mexico became the top strawberry exporter in the world, generating $827.3 million from exports (mainly to the U.S.), and that has U.S. growers seeking government assistance.

FPAA: U.S. Trade Representative action undermines USMCA

- General News
“This politically motivated action directly undermines the new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement, positioning the U.S. as an unreliable trading partner despite any trade agreements they negotiate," FPAA said about the investigation plan.

Federal Agencies Outline Plan to Help Farmers of Seasonal and Perishable Fruits and Vegetables

- General News
The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Commerce today released a report outlining the Trump Administration’s plan to address the threat posed by increased foreign imports to American producers of seasonal and perishable fruits and vegetables.

FPAA says to look for the trade facts during USTR hearings on seasonal produce

- General News
Without providing evidence to back up their claims, Southeast produce growers insisted the U.S. invoke rarely-used Section 301 National Security protections against Mexican imported produce.

FFVA and frustrated growers detail harm from unfair Mexican trade

- General News
The Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association and a group of Florida growers told U.S. trade officials today that the state’s produce industry is in crisis and called for timely relief from the devastating effects of surging volumes of unfairly priced Mexican produce imports during Florida’s winter growing season.

China tariff cut offers little relief

- General News

It sounded like good news for U.S. fruit exporters when China announced it would cut tariffs …

FPAA Spring Policy Summit returns March 24

- General News
The event, cancelled last year due to the government shutdown, returns March 24 with a robust agenda to address the many challenges produce imports face at the border today

The Produce Reporter Week in Review – January 24, 2020

- General News
Greg and Pamela pay tribute to the lasting legacy of Frieda Caplan, and talk about what happened with Lucky's Market, Fairway Markets and the road ahead to reestablishing fresh produce trade in China. 

Hurdles remain on China trade deal

- Analysis
For fresh produce companies to benefit from Phase 1 of the U.S.-China trade deal agreed to last week, China’s commitment to purchase has to turn into certainty, analysts say.

The importance of USMCA to the produce industry

- General News
The U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement that sits on President Trumps desk ready to be signed means more than just free trade to produce companies.