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More on retail theft

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Retail shrink has made big news lately. Maybe it’s a trade-off retailers are willing to make to save on staffing costs.

A glimpse into retail theft

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Theft, a major cause of retail shrink, is a big focus of complaint these days—but research indicates that shrink has been more or less the same over the past seven years.

Target to close 9 stores in 4 states because of theft and safety

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At Target, we take the decision to close stores very seriously, and only do so after taking meaningful steps to invest in the guest experience and improve business performance.

The ins and outs of shrink

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We’ve been hearing a lot about shrink and its prevention, as with Walgreen’s supposedly shrink proof store. What is shrink, or shrinkage, really?

Full-service retail comes full circle

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I love it when things come full circle. In this case, the retail experience.

Half of retail workers have witnessed theft in the past 6 months, survey shows

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In the past six months, 50 percent of retail and grocery workers say they’ve witnessed a theft or attempted theft, and 33 percent say they have experienced violent situations with customers, according to a survey.

Theft, organized crime may boost Target’s shrink to more than $1 billion this year

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Food and beverage is an area where Target Chairman and CEO Cornell said he sees opportunity for continued growth, building on efforts to improve the company’s fresh food supply chain that have been ongoing for the past several years.

Walmart to close last stores in Portland 

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Bentonville, AR-based Walmart Inc. is closing all its location in Portland, OR, reportedly for financial reasons.