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Mother Nature 101: How The Peach Truck teaches us the fickleness of agriculture

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ROUND ROCK, TX – Getting my fix of peaches this summer has been a rollercoaster of …


The Peach Truck expands through partnership with International Farming

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The largest direct-to-consumer seller of fresh peaches, The Peach Truck, today announced an investment partnership with International Farming.

The Peach Truck Taste Test

- Produce with Pamela
When I picked up my peaches from The Peach Truck on a Wednesday, I imagined a pleasant waft of ripe peaches permeating my car. What I got was a cold box of hard-as-a-rock peaches from a reefer truck.

Can direct-to-consumer deliver a perfect peach?

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I love peaches. I love all stone fruit. I've worked in produce, specifically covering the retail supply chain, for 15 years and I still can't consistently pick a perfect peach at retail.