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Study finds self-check has 16x more shrink than cashier lanes

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Recent research from Grabango reveals self-checkout machines are a significant driver of shrink, with losses amounting to 3.5% of sales - or more than 16 times more loss than traditional cashiers.

The ins and outs of shrink

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We’ve been hearing a lot about shrink and its prevention, as with Walgreen’s supposedly shrink proof store. What is shrink, or shrinkage, really?

Theft, organized crime may boost Target’s shrink to more than $1 billion this year

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Food and beverage is an area where Target Chairman and CEO Cornell said he sees opportunity for continued growth, building on efforts to improve the company’s fresh food supply chain that have been ongoing for the past several years.

The No. 2 most wasted fruit at retail may surprise you, given its popularity

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According to the USDA, papayas are the most wasted fruit at retail, with 43.1% going unsold, which makes sense given the tropical fruit has less mainstream appeal, easily bruised skin, and vulnerability to chill damage.

The most wasted supermarket vegetables are these specific greens

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The data was released concurrently with the new USDA, Environmental Protection Agency and FDA strategy to reduce food waste as part of the Trump administration’s Winning on Reducing Food Waste Month.