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Acosta Group releases its top five 2024 retail predictions

- General News
Acosta Group has announced its 2024 retail predictions, identifying how brands and retailers can win shopper loyalty, drive sales, and achieve efficiencies in another year of anticipated marketplace disruption.

OPS announces 2023 retailer roundtable

- General News
As changes to the grocery business come fast and furious, and their impact on fresh produce is more pronounced, leaders from three of the nation’s most progressive grocery operations will discuss the future of supermarket retailing and the role of fresh produce during the Retailer Roundtable keynote presentation at Organic Produce Summit 2023 this July in Monterey, CA. 

Exploring COVID grocery trends

- General News
Now that we have several non-holiday weeks in a row to establish somewhat of a baseline, it was time to really look at the "why" behind the numbers. 

Red delicious: the wrong punching bag?

- Produce with Pamela

Red delicious is a frequent punching bag when we’re talking about apple trends, but are they the wrong delicious in focus? Check out the retail apple ad trends over the past five years and see.