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IFPA meets with Canadian PM on food affordability, packaging policy

- General News
With increasing consumption of fresh produce as its top priority, on November 15, International Fresh Produce Association CEO Cathy Burns and VP of Innovation, Vonnie Estes, attended a roundtable meeting focused on U.S. and Canadian consumer food affordability with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

River Valley Fruit gets PLU number for its Audra Rose cherry

- General News
River Valley Fruit, a leading apple, cherry and pear grower, packer and shipper is thrilled to announce the introduction of the Audra Rose cherry bag, complemented by its newly assigned PLU number, 3550.

West Pak Avocado introduces new PLU sticker for Mexican avocados

- General News
West Pak Avocado, a leading global distributor of premium avocados, is proud to announce a new price look-up (PLU) sticker as part of an industry initiative through Avocados From Mexico (AFM).

Biodegradable PLU labels and alternatives

- Analysis
Nations of the European Union, led by France, are starting to mandate that PLU labels on fruits and vegetables must be “home compostable.” Those little plastic labels that we use in this country (apart from having the annoying quality of sticking to your kitchen counter once you take them off) are not compostable. 

Options for home-compostable labels

- General News
It’s reasonable to predict that the plastic PLU label, with its almost supernatural ability to find and stick to kitchen countertops after it has been removed from the fruit, will someday be a thing of the past.

PMA advancing efforts in PLU innovations

- General News
Produce Marketing Association has announced a breadth of efforts to advance innovation and industry involvement with regulators on PLU stickers.

Laser labeling: An alternative to PLU stickers

- Analysis
I will make a confession: I hate PLU labels. When I take them off apples, for example, unless I immediately throw them in the trash, they get stuck to the kitchen counter and have to be peeled off a second time.

Good retail data is more important than ever

- Retail
The pandemic has significantly changed the grocery landscape, and for retailers to make sense of it all and make proper forecasts, they need accurate data.

PMA advises suppliers to stop using generic UPCs

- General News
The Produce Marketing Association recommends fresh produce shippers phase out generic UPCs and switch to the GS1 DataBar, which offers company specific coding.

Shelf life wizardry & magic PLU stickers

- Produce with Pamela
To what end will we go to extend shelf life?