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Moxxy Marketing hires Marketing Director

- General News
Moxxy Marketing has added Beth Adan, an experienced marketer, SEO strategist and content creator, in a new role of Marketing Director to manage brand objectives and increase agency visibility.

Shopper Insights: Get to consumers by getting who’s close to them

- General News
Consumers say social media influencers can get them to buy new types of fruits and vegetables. But they can’t compare to the influence of friends and family.

Shopper Insights: Consumers aren’t the only ones who buy with their eyes

- Produce with Pamela
How can retail shake-ups present opportunities for marketers?

Shopper Insights: Looks matter to consumers, and retailers

- General News
The draw of quality and appearance at a discounter might surprise you.

Where and how often consumers shop unlocks marketing opportunities

- General News
Knowing where and how often consumers shop can be a key to an effective marketing strategy.

Shopper Insights 2020: Creative ways to influence new item trial

- General News
There are ways to reach a consumer's friends and family, and we just have to look at some other industries, says Karen Nardozza, President/CEO of Moxxy Marketing.

Shopper Insights 2020: When looks aren’t enough

- General News
We’ve already covered the fact that looks draw consumers in when it comes to their regular produce purchases, but sometimes looks aren’t enough.

Shopper Insights 2020: The why behind the buy

- General News
It’s easy to see what consumers are buying at retail, but if we’re going to understand how to grow those sales, we need to know the why behind the buy.

Shopper Insights 2020: Digging deeper into who tries new items

- Analysis
While it’s important to know what kinds of people are more likely than others to try new fruits and vegetables, there’s a willingness among all demographics.

Shopper Insights 2020: Who wants to try new items?

- General News
The great hurdle for a marketer of anything is getting your customer to try something new. In the fresh produce world, this is what leads to incremental sales and hopefully, greater consumption.