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Melissa’s and Goldenberry partner for Sugar Mango sales

- General News
Melissa’s and Goldenberry Farms have announced a joint venture, designating Melissa’s as an official distributor of its top-selling Sweet Sugar Mango, a miniature variety with exceptional Brix and thin, edible skin.

Fresh Del Monte, Melissa’s launch Precious Honeyglow personal-size pineapple

- General News
Precious Honeyglow weighs between 1.5 and 2 pounds, about half the average weight of a full size traditional fresh pineapple.

Melissa’s offers Tasmanian cherries this winter

- General News
Melissa's brings sunshine in cherries hailing from a 150-year-old family farm nestled in the pristine paradise of Tasmania

Melissa’s offers tree-ripened Peruvian Kent mango

- General News
Melissa's is raising the bar for the entire category with the arrival of their exquisite Air-flown, Tree-Ripened Kent Mangos from Peru, now available through March.

Melissa’s unveils early arrival of Hatch peppers

- General News
Hatch peppers, grown exclusively in the fertile soils of the Hatch Valley in New Mexico, are renowned for their unique combination of sweetness, heat and smokiness.

New product winners and losers: Playing the long game

- Produce Blueprints
I can’t think of a company that introduces more new items to the fresh produce category than Los Angeles-based Melissa’s/World Variety Produce, Inc.