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Limoneira to add Apeel coating to citrus

- General News
As Apeel's first, fully integrated lemon supplier in the U.S., Limoneira will significantly expand availability of Apeel-protected lemons domestically and internationally through Limoneira affiliated packing facilities and through licensing management.

Fruit World anticipates abundant organic California lemon crop

- General News
In a season that has been difficult for many citrus growers, the family-owned grower-shipper Fruit World has announced several bright spots in their 2022-23 citrus season.

High costs greet 2 million ton Argentine lemon harvest

- International
The Argentine lemon campaign will have a good production this year, with an expected harvest between 1.8-2 million tons in the domestic and export market combined

Chilean lemon exports start on time

- General News
Lemon shipments from Chile began at week 19, the same week as the previous season, as reported by the Citrus Committee of Chile ASOEX.

Fruit World expecting robust citrus season

- General News
Fruit World, a family-owned, flavor-focused grower-shipper of organic and conventional fruit, has announced they expect a robust citrus season, particularly for this year’s organic lemon crop.

Argentina doubles lemon exports to the U.S.

- International
With the export season yet to be completed, Argentina has already doubled its fresh lemon exports to the U.S.

ProduceIQ: Markets uncertain as Elsa foreshadows busy hurricane season

- Analysis
Market direction is uncertain. Will demand exceed supply when both are falling?

First Chilean lemons of the season hit Far East, USA

- International
The ASOEX Citrus Committee reported that the 2021 lemon season began with harvests in week 15 with the Messina, Eureka, and Genova varieties, and during week 19 the first shipments were made.

ProduceIQ: Prices soar for Memorial Day

- Featured
Memorial Day pull sends prices skyward. The industry is looking at the highest week #21 prices of all time.

ProduceIQ: Cherry season coronated with royal prices

- Featured
Don’t be alarmed. The inclusion of the seasonal cherry harvest explains virtually all the $0.22 increase to the overall industry index this week.