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Goldenberry Farms promotes traceability with new website

- General News
Goldenberry Farms, a leading grower and exporter of Sugar Mangos, berries, and tropical fruit, has launched a new website with a focus on traceability and “knowing your grower.”

Oppy’s vine-ripened tomatoes coming soon

- General News
Over a million poles stretch toward the sky on 750 rolling acres in Oceanside, California, graced by vines that will yield the season’s first vine-ripened roma and round tomatoes come the Fourth of July.

Driscoll’s and Plenty collaborate to grow strawberries indoors

- General News
Driscoll’s strawberries will initially be grown and developed in Plenty’s Laramie, Wyoming farm, the largest privately-owned vertical farm research and development center in the world.

Autumn Glory apple season begins for Superfresh Growers

- General News
The leaves in Central Washington state are turning to gold, announcing Autumn Glory apple harvest. The flavors of caramel and cinnamon burst forth with each crisp, juicy bite.

A frank talk about telling our story

- Analysis
It seems to me that there is an effective way to tell your story and an ineffective one. The ineffective one seemed more common 35 years ago, and it is still in use today.

Assessing lessons learned during COVID

- General News
The COVID-19 pandemic is causing lost business and increasing costs for fresh produce growers.

Stemilt sets new standards with pear ripening program

- General News
As one of the nation’s leading pear growers, Stemilt dedicates time and effort to ensure their pears offer the consumer a delightful eating experience.

Getting help to growers during the pandemic

- General News
News reports have suggested that the COVID-19 virus is raging through rural areas, such as Salinas, CA, and putting crops at risk of not being harvested. Not so says a local association.

Oppy now offers Italian-style prune plums

- General News
Oppy is welcoming the late-summer season with its Blue Goose prune plum brand, which has enjoyed a loyal fanbase for decades thanks to its consistently high-quality.

Vancouver retailers welcome Oppy’s unique super-berry

- General News
Building on its long history of breaking ground with new varieties, Oppy successfully introduced Haskap berries to customers in the greater Vancouver area, marking the first time these flavorful berries are available at retail.