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Groceryshop 2019 – Hot Topic: CBD-Infused Products and the Food Industry

- General News
LAS VEGAS—There’s plenty of confusion when it comes to cannabis, hemp, and CBD or cannabidiol, but how does it affect the fresh produce industry?

Groceryshop 2019 – The Intelligent Store

- Retail
The grocery store of the future is already here, at least in part. Retail shelves are no longer inanimate objects but vessels of knowledge, transferring data about inventory, pricing, and consumer preferences. 

Groceryshop 2019 – Evolution of the Last Mile: Thoughts on Ecommerce

- Featured
What’s the future of ecommerce as it relates to supermarkets? There was ample discussion on the topic on Day 2 of Groceryshop, with several buzzwords like micro-fulfillment and cross functionality bandied about.