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USDA warns food purchase program vendors of fraudulent phishing emails

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USDA is warning vendors who wish to participate in USDA food purchase programs of a possible phishing scheme using fraudulent email messages.

Seller beware – fraud is on the rise

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Cautiously investigate an unknown buyer asking for credit.

Trade Alert – Suspicious trading activity observed

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Information assessed by Blue Book Services supports serving notice of observed suspicious trading activity occurrences.

Trading Assistance: How to avoid wire transfer and e-mail scams

- Produce Blueprints
In this article we’ll discuss scams called business email compromise or BEC scams, and identify best practices to help you and your business partners avoid similar misadventures.

Spotting Financial Statement Fraud: Fraud detection

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It’s one thing to learn the warning signs of financial fraud, but it’s much more difficult to actually prove it is occurring.

Spotting Financial Statement Fraud: The red flags

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Fortunately for those seeking to uncover financial statement fraud, whether within their own company or in a potential partner, creditor, or debtor, there are a number of red flags.

Spotting Financial Statement Fraud: Ill-gotten gains

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The benefits of financial statement fraud seem obvious: as with everything else in business, it’s all about the money.

Spotting Financial Statement Fraud: Trapped in the triangle

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The Fraud Triangle can become both a prison and a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Spotting Financial Statement Fraud: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

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Corporate fraud comes in many forms. Asset misappropriation, such as embezzlement and theft, and corruption in the form of taking bribes and payoffs, are the two most widely known.

Bust-Outs: Fraud in the produce industry

- Analysis
Acts of fraud are in every industry, even produce. But you can protect your business.