Florida, Mexico still have negotiating to do on tomato agreement

- General News
While it looks like we’re closer to an agreement between Mexico and Florida on changes to the 2013 Tomato Suspension Agreement, leaders say big points still have to be negotiated.

U.S.-Mexico border problem affects supplies ahead of Easter

- General News
The immigration crisis at the U.S. southern border is affecting all ports of entry and is slowing the commercial crossings, including fresh produce.

Tomato Suspension: What’s next?

- International
While the intention of the Department of Commerce may be to withdraw from the Tomato Suspension Agreement on May 7, 2019, only time will tell what the actual outcome and/or repercussions may be.

FPAA disappointed in U.S. intent to withdraw from tomato agreement

- General News
The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) is disappointed to learn that the Department of Commerce intends to withdraw from the 2013 Tomato Suspension Agreement with Mexico.

New bill reignites Florida vs. Mexico tensions

- General News
The Florida vs. Mexico agriculture dispute is heating up again, as three Florida Congressmen have introduced a bill to protect farmers from competition.

A Nogales, Ariz.-based look at Hispanic produce

- Produce Blueprints

The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, based in Nogales, AZ, is one of the oldest …

U.S.-Mexico trade grows despite noise

- Analysis

NOGALES, AZ – It’s easy to lose track of the facts when there’s so much political …