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The Texas drought: a unique set of pressures

- Analysis
Of late much of the media conversation about water use has focused on California, but Texas, with its own multiyear drought, faces similar pressures.

California groundwater recharge just temporary solution

- Analysis
The astonishing amounts of water dumped on California by a series of atmospheric rivers have been national news for weeks now. The state’s longstanding drought has been pronounced to be over. But just how over?

Yuma ag group highlights drought risk to area

- General News
A prolonged drought in the West is making the fate of the Colorado River less certain. As a result, agriculture is at risk.

Newsom signs order freeing up water storage

- Analysis
Responding to criticisms that he allowed too much of January’s torrential rainfall to flow into the ocean, California governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order on February 13 that will allow state authorities to hold more water in reservoirs for use by agricultural and urban water providers.

California’s Delta water dilemma

- Analysis
If you don’t understand the California water scene, you’re in a large company. Most of the state’s residents don’t either. Partly because it is almost impossibly complicated. Some explanation is in order.

Peru’s drought puts 30% of Hass avocados at risk

- International
Recent growth in the Peruvian avocado supply has been possible in part due to farmers from the high Andean mountains areas joining in. Unfortunately, these regions will be receiving less water due to a drought that puts in jeopardy the projections for the 2023 campaign.

Arizona ag hit hard by water cuts

- Analysis
The savage drought experienced in the western U.S. has long been foreseen, although until extremely recently it has been managed with a long-term strategy of wishing and hoping.

Fears of a megaflood in drought-plagued California

- Analysis
I remember the first three months of 1983. I was living in San Francisco. It rained every day. It didn’t rain all day every day—but it did rain every day. This is the flip side of California weather. It’s not just drought—it’s a regular alternation of drought and deluge, often lasting over decades.

Mexico’s water crisis involves agriculture

- Analysis
The water crisis in northern Mexico has won a great deal of attention lately.

A water tale of two states

- Analysis
They’re right next to each other, and despite wild differences, they have one thing in common: water worries. They’re known as California and Arizona. Both are subject to what has been called the biggest drought in 1200 years.