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Produce handlers strike at Hunt’s Point

- General News
Workers are demanding a $1/hour pay raise and 60 cents/hour to maintain their heath care benefits, according to the Teamsters.

Nutrition experts reveal top consumer diet changes due to COVID-19

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The global pandemic has changed all aspects of normal living, and ushered in an era where health and wellness are paramount decision drivers for the foreseeable future, especially when it comes to food and beverage choices.

Study shows fresh grapes are a natural source of vitamin K and flavonoids

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A recent study published in the scientific journal Clinical Infectious Diseases found that a lack of adequate vitamin K levels was associated with poor outcomes in COVID-19 patients.

What’s in the Congressional Covid relief package for agriculture

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Both houses of Congress easily passed a $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill and a $1.4 trillion spending bill that will fund the government through September. President Trump indicated he will sign it.

Bruce Taylor, John Anderson see disruption in the future

- General News
No one saw 2020 coming, and it’s no easier to project what 2021 or the next five years will bring. But two produce industry leaders predicted increasing disruption both in the industry and world economies on this week’s PMA town hall webinar.

November retail produce sales continue tracking ahead of 2019

- Retail
Looking toward the end-of-year holidays, 44% of Americans are worried that the holiday celebrations will cause a spike in COVID cases and over one-third are not looking forward to the holiday season as much as usual because their celebrations will be curtailed.

EFI teams making a difference during pandemic

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Although 2020 has been a year like no other, Equitable Food Initiative, the workforce development and training organization that partners with growers, farmworkers, retailers and consumer advocacy groups, continued to grow and prove its unique value to the fresh produce industry.

Coronavirus hits big-city supermarkets

- Analysis
Retail grocery has seen convulsive shifts as a result of the coronavirus. But how permanent are they?

NRA: Restaurant industry in free fall, thousands of closures

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The National Restaurant Association sent a letter to Congressional leadership, sharing new survey findings that illustrate continued business deterioration across the restaurant industry and offering support for the moderate compromise proposal as a 'down payment' toward a larger relief package in early 2021.

The importance of reaching moms during the pandemic

- Analysis
Working mothers are disproportionately affected by the household responsibilities when compared to working fathers. They remain a critical customer base even though they're overwhelmed.