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The ultraprocessed American palate

- Analysis
Here’s a guessing game: what percentage of calories consumed by Americans comes from ultraprocessed foods?

Meet consumers where they are

- Produce Blueprints
The age-old joke about the couple who can’t decide where to eat is magnified when it comes to meal planning at home. Add an alarming lack of either time or skill in the kitchen, and we’ve got a recipe for food fatigue and a nutritional disaster.

Surveys don’t always lead to results

- Analysis
Personally, I’m skeptical about surveys. It’s partly because you can create a survey that tells you anything you want it to, as political advocacy groups learned decades ago.

Nutrition ideas from the Vatican Conference

- General News
As part of its effort to gain influence outside the traditional food channels, members of the Produce Marketing Association’s board of directors virtually attended the Fifth Annual Vatican Conference in early May and shared their findings on a town hall webinar May 19.

The Big Playoff: Produce versus Flavoring

- Analysis
Soon you may walk into your favorite café and see that it offers curry Graham cracker coffee. Or how about sriracha rose? Banana bacon?

Positive preaching powerlessness

- Analysis
All the earnest exhortations—whether they take the form of vegan diatribes or well-researched dietary guidelines issued by USDA—haven’t turned consumers away from meat or toward produce.

PBH generates 640MM media impressions with marketing campaign

- General News
The results are in, and the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s integrated marketing and communications campaign to release its new State of the Plate: America’s Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Trends research was a huge success.

More food supply ignorance from Hollywood

- Analysis
A new study shows that American consumers want more local produce options than they have, and few know that the U.S. food system suffers from problems of food waste, nutrient loss and food miles.

Creating healthier diets by conscious consumption

- General News
In the face of a fruit and vegetable consumption crisis, the Produce for Better Health Foundation is calling for a new era of conscious consumption.

Produce eating trends present a confusing picture

- Analysis
Are Americans eating more fruits and vegetables, or less? Recent reports have given conflicting messages.