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ProduceIQ: Thanksgiving pull is here, and so is the rain

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Heavy rain is forecasted for the Southeastern U.S. and California this week. This may come as dismal news for growers nearing harvest, but it is a reason to give thanks for off-season growers still fighting the effects of extreme drought.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods launches new snacking line

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Duda Farm Fresh Foods, a leading grower of fresh celery, radish and corn, introduces their new Dandy Snacking In A Snap! product line with the unveiling of the inaugural product, celery dippers at the Global Produce and Floral show to a great response.

Duda’s Dandy Celery launches fall promotion, sweepstakes

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Duda Farm Fresh Foods, a leading grower of fresh celery, radish and corn, is reaching consumers this fall with its new “Celery-Brate Tradition” sweepstakes.

Taylor Farms introduces Celery Bites fresh-cut celery packs

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New Taylor Farms Celery Bites are available nationally and come in two sizes: 8 ounces ($2.99 SRP) and 20 ounces ($4.99 SRP).    

ProduceIQ: Record heat contributes to higher market

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Apparently, in response to last month’s audacity to be, on average, one of the coolest Junes in the last few years, July weather is determined to set the whole North American continent ablaze. 

ProduceIQ: Markets bite into summer

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Significant increases in commodities such as raspberries, celery, and sweet corn are balancing the scale and steadying the index. Even with the continued hemorrhaging of cherry prices, average produce prices are flat over the prior week.

ProduceIQ: Domestic cherry season makes a dramatic entrance

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If it weren’t for the beginning of cherry season, overall market prices would likely show a slight dip due to a well-earned post-holiday demand hangover.

ProduceIQ: Prices dropping despite weather problems

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The U.S. has a nearly 90 percent chance of seeing El Nino weather trends persist this summer. So what does that mean for fresh produce? In general, this means the South can expect cooler and wetter than average weather (welcome news for non-snowbird Florida residents), and the North can expect dryer and warmer than average weather.

ProduceIQ: Prices begin decline as new crops warm-up

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Lots of insane weather in Florida and throughout the Southeast this past week. Heavy rain, golf ball-sized hail, severe wind, and even a few tornadoes in Palm Beach County caused damage to the homes, cars, and the remaining crops of producers in the state.

ProduceIQ: Record breaking rains in California strain supply

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Breaking news: For the first time in what feels like years, California has a critical shortage of umbrellas. As if mother nature was tempted to show how fickle she is, California has had one of the wettest winters on record. Last week was the 10th atmospheric river to hit the West Coast this winter season, and more are coming.