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Celery supply returns to normal

- General News
Celery buyers should continue to see normal conditions, as volume remains above last year’s, and prices have been steady since the start of summer.

Markon Crops Report: Vegetable prices remain high as cantaloupes transition

- General News
Weather problems continue to affect California vegetables, and increasing foodservice demand is causing some prices to rise.

Celery volume booms

- General News
Celery volume continues to stay above normal levels, keeping up with consumer demand.

Markon crops report: Lettuce, strawberries offer high quality at low prices

- General News

Most crops have a hard time adjusting to changing demand, so the pandemic, which shut down …

Duda Farm Fresh Foods connects with consumers for National Celery Month

- General News
In addition to the promotion, Duda Farm Fresh Foods continues to reinforce the healthy aspects of celery, especially fresh produce, while more people are looking for quick and easy ways to stay healthy at home.

Here’s three New Year produce diet stars

- Produce with Pamela
Are you ready to clean up your act? Here are three fruits and vegetables to consider for 2020 food trends.

Alsum partner Trembling Prairie Farms to start Wisconsin celery harvest

- General News

PRESS RELEASE MARKESAN, WI, July 23, 2019 — Alsum Farms & Produce BB #:105137 grower partner, …

Coastal California rain causes harvest delays

- General News
Rain in the Coastal California growing areas is making it tougher for retailers to get strawberries, celery and various greens.

Celery, lettuce growers overcome cold mornings in the desert

- General News
Despite some early morning frost in the Yuma, AZ, and Coachella and Imperial Valleys, celery and lettuce shippers report strong quality and project higher volume the last week of January.

See how fresh produce fares in Thanksgiving dinner cost

- Analysis

All the holiday orders are now paying off at retail as consumers head to stores, make …