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Cantaloupe, honeydew markets ease as crops transition from off-shore to domestic

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Markon Cooperative released a melon market update, showing the Central American melon season is winding down ahead of the Arizona-California domestic season; markets are slightly lower.

California Cantaloupe Advisory Board introduces Possible Burger at IFPA’s Consumer Connection

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Last week the California Cantaloupe Advisory Board (CCAB) introduced an exciting new concept for a meatless burger to attendees at the International Fresh Produce Association/Foundation for Fresh Produce (FFP) Consumer Connection Conference.

Remedies for cantaloupe’s food safety problems

- Analysis
FDA may have ruled that the latest string of outbreaks of cantaloupe-linked salmonella is over, but food safety litigator Bill Marler is understandably exercised about the persistent problem.

FDA declares Salmonella outbreak linked to cantaloupe over

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The FDA and CDC, in collaboration with Canadian, state and local partners, investigated an outbreak of Salmonella infections linked to recalled cantaloupe.

Another lawsuit filed in cantaloupe outbreak

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The national food safety law firm of Ron Simon & Associates has filed another lawsuit in the Cantaloupe Salmonella Outbreak linked to Malichita and Rudy branded cantaloupe distributed by Sofia Produce, L.L.C. (Trufresh).

CDC reports 230 illnesses, 3 deaths in Salmonella outbreak linked to cantaloupes

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CDC is concerned about this outbreak because the illnesses are severe and people in long-term care facilities and childcare centers have gotten sick. Do not eat pre-cut cantaloupes if you don’t know whether Malichita or Rudy brand cantaloupes were used.

TGD Cuts, LLC recalls certain fresh-cut fruit cup, clamshell and tray products due to possible health risk

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TGD Cuts, LLC has initiated a voluntary recall of the specific fresh-cut fruit cup, clamshell and tray products listed below because they contain cantaloupe from TruFresh which has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Food safety lawyers file first lawsuit in cantaloupe Salmonella outbreak

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The Pritzker Hageman food safety lawyers have filed the first lawsuit arising from a fast-growing Salmonella Sundsvall outbreak linked to Trufresh cantaloupe sold under the brand names Malichita and Rudy.

Tough choices for cantaloupe safety

- Analysis
I decided to check in about the situation with Timothy D. Lytton, a law professor at the Center for Law, Health & Society at Georgia State University College of Law.

ProduceIQ: Prices dropping to more familiar territory

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The desert is ramping up production, and produce prices are here to tell the story. In line with historical trends for week #48, the ProduceIQ index is down -5 percent over the previous week.