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Daily serving of strawberries improves cholesterol, study shows

- General News
A daily serving of freeze-dried strawberry powder, equivalent to one cup of fresh berries, lowered total cholesterol (TC) by almost 3% and LDL cholesterol (LDL C) by almost 5%, according to a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study recently published by the Journal of the American Nutrition Association. 

California Strawberries celebrates the ‘Million Ways to Love Strawberries’

- General News
Today the California Strawberry Commission hosted an exclusive "Million Ways to Love Strawberries" event at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel to celebrate peak strawberry season, the unique versatility and love consumers have for the vibrant, healthy berry, and the extraordinary people who grow them.

California Strawberries kicks off jingle contest

- General News
California Strawberries kicks off peak season with the launch of its national 'Love, Strawberries' Jingle Contest.

California Strawberries launches ‘Love, Strawberries’ campaign

- General News
In time for National Strawberry Day, California Strawberries is set to amplify strawberries and their many health benefits via the new year-long, consumer-focused campaign ‘Love, Strawberries.’

Mexican strawberry exports up 25% in early 2021

- International
Strawberry exports from Mexico grew 24.8 percent in the period from January to April 2021, at an annual rate, reaching $662 million dollars.

Strawberry supplies tighten as strong season wraps up

- General News
California strawberry growers are winding down a strong 2020, but weather problems are making the market tight for the next few weeks.

Safety at work on California strawberry Farms

- General News
A new video produced by the California Strawberry Commission highlights how strawberry farmers, in the midst of peak harvest season and during a global pandemic, are implementing safety practices in the fields to keep their employees healthy, and ensure they are providing safe, delicious and nutritious strawberries for consumers.

California Strawberry Commission adds coronavirus safety guidance

- General News
Over the past 60 days, the Commission staff has visited nearly every strawberry farm currently operating in California, and provided on-site training, signage and informative materials to keep farm workers healthy, highlighting the Centers for Disease Control guidance on creating a safer work environment, and how to protect oneself through daily activities.