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ThroughPut.AI and Inteligistics partner on produce supply chain solutions

- General News
ThroughPut Inc., the industrial AI supply chain Decision Intelligence pioneer, and Inteligistics, the leading digital visibility solutions provider for perishable supply chains, today announced a strategic technology alliance to accelerate profitability for the sales of perishable goods.

Sun World appoints AI expert to board of directors

- General News
Sun World International LLC today announced an important addition to their board of directors. Dr. Elliott Grant, CEO at Mineral, is the most recent member to join the Sun World board.

Practical uses of AI in fresh produce

- General News
Produce industry leaders gave examples of how they’re using artificial intelligence in their businesses and agreed we’re still in the learning phase of incorporating the new technology.

Invafresh strengthens capabilities of its AI-Enhanced Fresh Retail Platform solution

- General News
These features will help grocery retailers to improve traceability of ingredients and products throughout the entire supply chain, implement robust quality control measures and develop nutrition ingredient food labels that are compliant with industry regulations.

NY produce wholesaler offers AI case study

- General News
A New York produce company’s use of AI in ordering has saved it thousands of dollars in efficiency and food waste.

GrubMarket releases GrubAssist enterprise AI software

- General News
GrubMarket, a pioneering force in revolutionizing America's food supply chain, today unveiled GrubAssist, the first enterprise AI software solution built specifically for the food supply chain.

Bayer pilots generative AI tool for agriculture

- General News
Bayer today announced the pilot of an expert GenAI system to benefit farmers and up-level agronomists in their daily work.

Dollar General to expand automated AI-powered produce ordering

- Retail
In a significant move to provide convenient access to fresh affordable foods, Dollar General is joining forces with Shelf Engine for a national rollout of its automated AI ordering technology for produce.

GrubMarket releases AI integration with WholesaleWare

- General News
GrubMarket, the only enterprise AI provider for the food supply chain, today announced the release of a novel integration between GrubMarket AI and WholesaleWare

The Year Ahead: AI in the retail realm

- Produce Blueprints
“Retailers are gaining experience with AI, but they still don’t have a good handle on it,” says Phil Lempert, the Los Angeles, CA-based Supermarket Guru.