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Blue Book Produce Ratings

Credit, Trade Practices, and Pay Ratings

Blue Book Services’ rating system helps those extending credit to make quick “Sell” or “No-Sell” decisions by providing concise, accurate credit data, while also giving buyers and transporters their needed peace-of-mind.

Ratings include pay trends, credit worth estimates and trade practices information. This data is easily accessible in a variety of formats when you’re a Blue Book member. We have:

  • Complete listings on the Blue Book Online Services website and in the printed Blue Book
  • Condensed listings on Blue Book Online Services Mobile
  • Information updates real-time online and via our weekly Credit Sheet and daily Express Update reports
  • Business Reports
  • Customer Service Representatives ready to answer your questions by phone

If you’ve decided that you’d like access to all the benefits of Blue Book Membership, including unlimited access to our database of ratings and scores, we invite you to explore our membership options. There, you’re sure to find a package suitable to your specific needs.

As always, if we can help you answer any questions at all, we encourage you to contact us. A member of our Blue Book team will be happy to assist you.