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Advertiser Testimonials

We at Awe Sum Organics choose wisely when allocating funds for advertising.   The Produce Reporter e-newsletter is an “awe sum” vehicle to advertise in for visibility to a high percentage of the companies engaged in the produce business in North America.  Since 1985, we have been passionate to promote and provide high quality organically and sustainably grown produce.  Blue Book’s digital publications allow us to communicate our passion and marketing message to the decision-makers in the dynamic fresh produce trade.

David Posner, President & CEO, Awe Sum Organics, Inc.

Blue Book Services is an incredible resource for Ayco Farms. The timely editorial content and versatility of their publications allows us to reach our target audiences year-round. This gives us the ability to market multiple commodities through digital and print marketing campaigns to specific segments of the industry and achieve results.

Shani Nir, Marketing Coordinator, Ayco Farms, Inc.

It is a no-brainer that we advertise in Produce Blueprints and The Produce Reporter to promote our message and brand to the produce community.  Blue Book serves a wide audience of the type of customer and supplier we want to increase business with.  Advertising in their publications gives Eagle Export credibility, builds our professionalism, and targets our ad to the right audience.

Alex Zenebisis, President, Eagle Export, Inc.

Advertising in Produce Blueprints and the Know Your Commodity Guide gives us the visibility we need to make new connections all over the produce world. These publications feature high-quality ads, and the articles provide insight into what is currently happening in the markets. It is always exciting to receive Produce Blueprints and the Know Your Commodity Guide and open it up to your ad!

Maria Papadakis, Marketing, Fruits et Légumes Gaétan Bono Inc.

The Blue Book is more than just a trade publication, it’s an industry resource.  For years we have worked closely with Blue Book on everything from advertising to editorial to help our clients deliver their message. When we make recommendations to our clients about where to advertise, we want them to be where they will be seen and aligned in a way that makes most sense with their brand. Blue Book’s publications offer a unique combination as a trusted resource with timely industry insights that their reader audience has come to expect and so do we.

Melinda Goodman, Managing Partner, FullTilt Marketing

Produce Blueprints and the Know Your Commodity Guide have helped our company stay relevant in this amazing industry. It is important for small businesses like ours to establish a strong virtual and physical identity.  Blue Book’s publications accomplish this goal and position Grower Alliance with industry leaders.

Michelle Ramirez, Marketing & Owner Representative, Grower Alliance, LLC.

As a marketing agency, my clients, including Bobalu, LLC., enjoy advertising with Blue Book Services for a few reasons.  First, the daily editorial content in The Produce Reporter e-newsletter draws readers to the publication with timely and important industry information, and to our advertising messaging.  Second, the Blue Book is a long-standing credible organization the industry trusts, so when we advertise our company and core messages, we know we are reaching a large audience.  Lastly, by utilizing the digital e-newsletter platform, we drive traffic directly to our website and communication tools to promote our company and our strawberries.
Cindy Jewell, President, Jewell Marketing

John Vena, Inc. has a deep commitment to building long-lasting partnerships based on trust. So, aligning our brand with Blue Book’s high quality, topical editorial content is a natural strategy.  Blue Book’s targeted audience compliments our advertising goals and their strong reputation in the industry ensures we communicate the right message – a valuable combination.  We are thrilled to market our produce and services with them.

Emily Kohlhas, Director of Marketing, John Vena, Inc.

The Nickey Gregory Company has been advertising with the Blue Book for years.  Their Produce Blueprints magazine and digital publications reach the decision makers that drive the buying and selling of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Our brand continues to grow across the Southeast thanks to the publications published by the Blue Book.

Andrew Scott, Director of Marketing & Business Development, The Nickey Gregory Company, LLC

We annually market our Panther Brand vegetables in Produce Blueprints and the Know You Commodity Guide. These publications reach our target audience. Plus, like no other industry publication, the editorial content is rich with educational and practical articles businesses can use to succeed in their day-to-day operations. 

Ryan Flaim, Sales, R & R Flaim Next Generation Produce, LLC.

There are no other print and digital publications better than Blue Book’s.  In an everchanging industry, timely editorial content featured in Produce Blueprints and The Know Your Commodity Guide connects with our customers. We love that! And, these publications give our ads great visibility.

Richard Ruiz, President & CEO, Ruiz Sales

Tom Lange Co. has benefited from utilizing Blue Book Services for years and it is an invaluable resource for our company.  Advertising in Produce Blueprints, the Know Your Commodity Guide, and Produce Reporter e-newsletter is an important way we reach both our customers and suppliers.

Becky Wilson, Vice President of Operations, Tom Lange Co.

We recently refreshed the Trucco brand to better showcase our commitment to deliver high quality produce and superior service.  We partnered with Blue Book Services to provide thoughtful and strategic ad placements that drive targeted awareness to produce industry professionals through a consistent online and print presence. We utilize their suite of publications with ad placements appearing in Produce Blueprints, The Know Your Commodity Guide, and The Produce Reporter e-newsletter. We look forward to the ongoing opportunity to reach new buyers and growers nationally through their publications.
Yasmin Pacia, Marketing Director, A.J. Trucco, Inc.