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Sunkist Growers revamps Cara program

Sunkist Growers comprises over 1,000 multi-generational farmers, many of whom specialize in Cara Cara oranges, leading the cooperative to serve as one of the largest Cara suppliers in the game. Super sweet. Uniquely pink.

Krivanek Consulting offers new services for produce executives

Julie Krivanek, President & CEO of Krivanek Consulting, the produce industry’s top executive advisory, is proud to introduce new services to further develop and support the evolving needs of produce industry executive leaders at each stage of their careers.

Frank talk about the farm bill

The produce industry might want to distinguish what it wants in the farm bill from what it can get.

NC Sweetpotato Commission celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

The promotion is a tribute to the Hispanic community whose vibrant cultures and traditions have intertwined with sweetpotatoes from both a cultivation as well as culinary cuisine throughout much of history.

ProduceIQ: Markets stall as rain threaten supplies

Over the weekend, the slow-moving tropical storm named Ophelia brought heavy rain to the Carolinas and Virginia. The storm delivered flooding and power outages to coastal communities.

Fresh Thyme donates $400K to Feeding America, food banks

Fresh Thyme Market, a grocer that has a mission to improve the way communities eat by offering real fresh food, is proud to announce for Hunger Action Month that it has donated over $400,000, the equivalent of around 4 million meals*, to the Feeding America network of food banks and other local food banks in 2023.
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