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Collaboration Between Industry Leaders

What happens when you combine the experience of Blue Book Services with thousands of detailed grower profiles from Meister Media Worldwide?

Your business wins.

Since 1901, businesses in the global produce supply chain have trusted Blue Book Services for reliable, timely, and accurate credit rating and marketing information to grow sales and manage risk. Responding to the demand for locally grown produce, Blue Book Services collaborated with Meister Media Worldwide to offer with Blue Book membership, a ‘Local Source*’ searchable database of over 20,000 growers throughout the United States. Connect with local fruit and vegetable suppliers to meet customer needs. Access to the Local Source database can be purchased as an additional service with Blue Book Membership. Start sourcing local produce today! Purchase the Local Source service with Blue Book Services Membership. Contact us to learn more or join today.
About Blue Book Services – Helping produce businesses succeed.
About Meister Media Worldwide – Empowering global agriculture.
Meister Media Worldwide’s mission is to be the trusted partner empowering the business of global agriculture to grow a better world. A leader in the industry, the company provides information and networking opportunities to global markets, including fruits and citrus, vegetables, cotton, ornamental horticulture, precision agriculture, plant protection and agriculture in Mexico. With headquarters in Willoughby, Ohio, USA, Meister Media Worldwide was founded in 1932. The company’s family of branded offerings includes 11 regular magazines, dozens of weekly eNewsletters, more than 20 websites, and a growing list of trade shows and Connect℠ hosted-buyer events. In addition, Meister Media produces custom direct-to-market print, online, in-person, video and strategic business development solutions through its MeisterDirect™ business services.
* Local Source data is licensed from and maintained by Meister Media Worldwide. Certain restrictions apply. Local Source is only available to buyers and sellers of produce through Blue Book Services.