Truck brokers and salvage returns

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Produce truck brokers have a challenging job, but “managing salvage returns” seems to be the one that really causes headaches.

Iceberg lettuce – not so ordinary

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Iceberg or head lettuce is not typically thought of as exceptional, and yet, when it comes to industry trading customs and rules, iceberg lettuce is different.

Merchantability – The Other Warranty

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The warranty of merchantability usually finds itself in the shadow of the warranty of suitable shipping condition, but the food safety outbreaks in 2018 brought a fair amount of attention to this lesser-known warranty. 

Trading Tip: Good Arrival – The Sixth Day

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The warranty of suitable shipping condition is at the center of countless disputes and decisions each day. Although there is some devil in the details, the main idea is straightforward enough.

Trading Tip: Authority of an employee

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You recently settled a transaction with a salesman who you just found out is no longer employed by the seller. What now?

The 2019 Trading & Transportation Guidelines digital edition is available!

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Produce professionals can reference essential updated trading and transportation guidelines, expanded to include a new Select …

PACA protection with ‘a wink and a nod’

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A final note on Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (the PACA) payment terms: industry veterans will no …

How to maintain PACA rights

- Produce Blueprints

Kroger’s announcement this summer of extended payment terms that would have made the Perishable Agricultural Commodities …

PACA Trust fundamentals: A review and refresh

- Trading Assistance

As Kroger discovered this summer, the produce industry cherishes the statutory trust created for its benefit …

Proving shortages: who holds the burden?

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The Problem: Receiver claims a shortage as to count on a delivered sale. The Key Point: …