Driver shortage solutions

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There are no easy solutions, notes Ed Treacy, vice president of supply chain and sustainability for …

Driver shortage bad and getting worse

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We’re a long way from Smokey and the Bandit—42 years to be exact. The American Trucking …

Making the best of the driver shortage

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The driver shortage in produce transportation hasn’t hit its breaking point. If it had, produce loads …

Safety Pros and Cons of autonomous trucks

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While many can see driverless trucks improving safety on the roads, they can also see plenty …

Autonomous trucks offer improved productivity

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Autonomous trucking offers opportunities for trucks to be more productive, which is especially compelling in the …

Prepare for a new definition of driving

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Michael Miqueli, owner and president of North Bergen, NJ-based San Antonio Broker Services, Inc. BB #:197829 …

Autonomous trucks may still require a driver

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While a future with automated trucking in some form and to some degree seems certain, the …

Don’t wait too long to fix trucking problems

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The industry needs a collaborative effort to solve the systemic issues of produce transportation.

Assessing ‘when’ for autonomous trucks

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Investors can’t even think about garnering public support for such an endeavor without getting those within the transportation and logistics sector fully on board first.

The case for autonomous trucks

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The first commercial delivery by an autonomous truck took place in October 2016, when an 80,000-pound …