Se espera que las importaciones de limón argentino se dupliquen en los EE.UU.

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A pesar de los problemas de clima y tamaño, Argentina espera haber duplicado sus envíos de …

Argentinian lemon imports expected to double into the U.S.

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Despite weather and sizing issues, Argentina expects to have doubled its lemon shipments to the United …

Entendiendo el predominio de la zarzamora de México

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A medida que termina la temporada de importación de zarzamoras y el volumen nacional, en su …

Understanding Mexico’s blackberry dominance

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As the blackberry import season finishes and domestic volume – mostly from California – fills the summer pipeline, it’s important to note where the berries come from the rest of the year.

Organic Produce Summit sessions look internationally

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The Organic Produce Summit announced another education session for the July 10-11 event in Monterey, CA. …

Peruvian fruit exports on the rise

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Peru’s fruit exports, which consist of fresh, frozen, canned, and juice and make up over 50 …

Colombia’s mango crisis points to infrastructure problems

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In Cienaga, Magdalena, Colombia, there are mountains of mangoes lining the dirt roads, rotting away without anyone being able to take them to market.

More tariff talk, this time it’s Mexican berries

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Now that Mexican tomatoes are subject to duties, some wonder if berries might be next.

Retrasos en la frontera están causan interrupciones en el mercado

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Retrasos la frontera de México-EE. UU. están comenzando a aumentar los precios para aquellos a lo …

Mexico border crossing delays disrupt markets for mangoes, berries, avocados and more

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Delays at the Mexico-U.S. border are starting to increase prices for those along the fresh produce supply chain. What’s more, the effects will only be more widespread if no resolutions are reached.