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Fresha expands carrot supply with Georgia acquisition

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Morris, Minnesota, April 15, 2024 – Fresha BB #:356720, a leading provider of high-quality, locally grown carrots, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its operational footprint with the acquisition of a facility in Sparks, Georgia.

This strategic decision presents Fresha with the ability to ensure a year-round supply of premium carrots to its customers. Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, Fresha has established itself as a trusted source of fresh carrots, committed to delivering superior quality and service.

Moving into Georgia for their expansion was a carefully considered decision deeply aligned with Fresha’s sales strategy in the eastern United States.

“Our investment in Georgia emphasizes our dedication to meeting the growing demand for Fresha carrots year-round,” said Matthew Wulf, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fresha. “With its prime location, this Georgia facility strengthens our supply chain and allows us to deliver the freshest, highest-quality carrots to our customers.”

Additionally, Fresha is proud to join Georgia Grown, a division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, contributing to the growing community of agricultural producers, manufacturers, and retailers in Georgia. Through Georgia Grown, Fresha supports local agribusinesses, ranging from large companies to small family farms, further strengthening the agricultural landscape in the region.

“With this expansion, we are investing in our ability to meet increasing retailer demand for premium carrots while maintaining our dedication to exceptional quality,” said Dan Schaefer, CEO of Fresha. “This expansion not only enhances our ability to scale efficiently but also reduces transportation costs and time when shipping to the eastern half of the US, ensuring that our customers receive the freshest carrots possible.”

In collaboration with the local community, Fresha has established strong partnerships with a number of growers in the region, supporting local agricultural endeavors and contributing to community development.

“Expanding into Georgia has not only allowed us to tap into the rich agricultural and water resources of the region but also to develop meaningful partnerships with local growers and employees,” said Wulf. “Working with about 8 local growers and engaging with dedicated employees has been truly inspiring. We’re thrilled about the enthusiasm and passion the community shares for our mission, and we’re excited to continue fostering these relationships as we grow together.”

Fresha’s Georgia facility exemplifies the company’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. With its expanded operational capacity and strategic location, Fresha is well positioned to continue its growth in the carrot industry.

About Fresha
Fresha, a leading producer of premium carrots, takes pride in delivering farm-fresh, quality produce to households nationwide. Established in 2019, Fresha operates as an employee and grower-owned company, vertically integrated for seamless quality control. From seed to table, Fresha Carrots epitomizes dedication to excellence, offering a flavorful and nutritious experience with every crunch. For sales, please contact Matthew Wulf To learn more about Fresha, visit their website