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Thx! and Pedregal deliver consumer engagement at Sam’s Club

thx grapes

Weston, FL, March 18, 2023 — Thx!, a leading organization dedicated to improving the lives of farmworkers and promoting social responsibility within the agriculture industry, announced the incredible results of their digital and in-store campaign with Sam’s Club BB #:140368 and Pedregal’s Red Dragon Grapes.

From November 2023 through February 2024, Thx! featured farmworker stories on every package of Pedregal Red Dragon grapes sold nationwide at Sam’s Club stores and online.

Since the launch in October, more than 40,000 shoppers scanned the QR code on the co-branded label to watch the heartfelt videos of each farmworker sharing aspects of their life and a specific dream, which will be fulfilled via the Thx! partnership program with Pedregal.

“Our program with Pedregal at Sam’s Club has been a huge success,” said Martin Casanova, Thx! Co-Founder and Chief Dream Maker. “We are getting on average 700 unique QR scans per day, with consumers going to the Thx! website after being inspired by the packaging graphics showing farmworker stories, then watching multiple videos of the farmworkers discussing their dreams.”

Casanova continued, “What really surprised us though—and demonstrates how strongly social responsibility for farmworker welfare resonates with consumers—is that we began receiving fan mail. Consumers are telling us how learning about farmworkers dreams are positively impacting them, and asking how they can do more for farmworkers,” Casanova said. “We’re receiving so many consumer messages that we needed to create a new division to engage and respond.”

With no cost to retailers, offering fresh fruit and vegetable brands that feature the Thx! co-branded labels is an easy and powerful way to integrate a turn-key social responsibility initiative into their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) objectives and amplify their impact. The more Thx! co-branded products that sell, the more farmworker dreams Thx! is able to fund.

“The program is a win-win-win for all involved,” said Raul Fernandez, Co-Founder and Chief Imagination Officer at Thx! “Our program helps fresh produce brands demonstrate their commitment to farmworkers by putting a human face and honest stories to corporate sustainability programs.”

Fernandez continued, “But even more important than empowering brands, we are empowering lives by positively impacting the lives of farmworkers. Plus, we are also creating personal connections between consumers and farmworkers, while enhancing farmworkers’ dignity and respect. It’s an added bonus that we are also boosting brand and product awareness, while creating even more product meaning with shoppers, via an innovative communications campaign.”

Fulfilled dreams range from receiving laptops for farmworkers and their children to stay in school and study, to having home renovations done to improve living conditions, to receiving appliances that make daily life easier, and many more. To see videos of the farmworkers whose dreams have been funded by Pedregal and Thx!, visit

About Thx!:
Thx! is a groundbreaking, social impact program dedicated to connecting consumers of fruits and vegetables with the hardworking farm workers who make it all possible. Through the use of innovative labeling and packaging, Thx! creates a personal connection between consumers and farmworkers by featuring their stories and dreams directly on Thx! partners’ product packaging. You can follow THX! via Instagram as well as Facebook or visit them online at