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Mastronardi Produce launches Backyard Farms greenhouse-grown Romaine

backyard farms romaine

Kingsville, ON (March 5, 2024) – Mastronardi Produce BB #:115453, the fourth-generation family-owned company that pioneered commercial greenhouse growing in North America, has launched a large-format, greenhouse-grown Romaine lettuce under its Backyard Farms lettuce line.

Mastronardi Produce is currently the only greenhouse grower to venture into the large-format Romaine segment and produce a high-quality product. Backyard Farms Romaine lettuce is already on shelves at select retailers.

“Our greenhouse-grown Romaine is a game-changing product in the lettuce category,” said Peppe Bonfiglio, VP of Sales at Mastronardi Produce. “We are the first greenhouse grower in North America to successfully cultivate a full and flavorful large-format Romaine.”

Mastronardi Produce leverages state-of-the-art growing technology along with years of breeding and growing experience to produce its Backyard Farms lettuce line.

“Large-format Romaine is particularly challenging to grow because it thrives under a narrow threshold of conditions,” explained Peppe. “Our growers use a precise climate control system and monitor the heads multiple times a day to hone in on that perfect band of climate.”

The Romaine heads are remarkably full in size and color with sweet and delicate leaves. Packaged in an elegant poly bag, the lettuce is offered in a resealable two-count and club format under the recognizable branding of Backyard Farms.

“Greenhouse-grown Romaine lettuce has been on the wish list of retailers for years,” added Peppe. “We are offering a product that is comparable in size to field-grown Romaine but with all the perks of greenhouse-grown produce, including flavor, color, and consistency. We are excited to make our mark in this category the same way we have revolutionized tomatoes and berries.”

Backyard Farms has a loyal consumer base and long history of providing locally grown, fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes in Maine where “it’s always tomato season.” The brand launched its lettuce line in the spring of 2023 and now offers a portfolio of cut leafy greens that are washed and ready-to-eat and high-quality living lettuce.

Visitors to the SEPC Southern Exposure tradeshow can check out Backyard Farms Romaine and the full line of fresh, leafy greens at booth 631.

About Mastronardi Produce Ltd.

A pioneer and industry leader in the gourmet greenhouse industry, Mastronardi Produce grows and markets award-winning products under the SUNSET®, Backyard Farms®, BerryWorld®, and Queen of Greens® brands. Mastronardi Produce has been family-owned for over 70 years and prides itself on producing consistently flavorful tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, berries, and lettuce.

About Backyard Farms

At Backyard Farms, it’s always tomato season. Backyard Farms grows local, fresh-from-the-vine greenhouse tomatoes even in the winter. With deep roots in Maine, Backyard Farms products are now grown and enjoyed throughout communities in the Northeast and Midwest. Delivered within hours from greenhouse to grocer, Backyard Farms products are always fresh and always local.

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