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Foster acquires Greenville Produce

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At Foster BB #:108583, we take great pride in bringing people and food together, and we could not be prouder than to announce that we are welcoming the Greenville Produce BB #:282558 team into our Foster360 family.

Greenville Produce is a fellow family-owned fresh produce provider who has been supporting local farms in Eastern North Carolina in a big way since 1991. From potatoes, apples, onions, tricolor peppers and more, they get more local products out of the ground, bagged quicker and into the hands of happy consumers at schools, restaurants and retailers at a better price than any other distributor we know.

With their local relationships, additional cold storage facility and high-speed bagging capabilities, coupled with our international Foster360 network, we can now package more products locally and distribute them farther, faster and fresher to more people. All the while, reducing both costs and waste. A win for all involved.

We share the same commitment to service, quality and culture—always putting our people first. From local growers and shippers, to Foster team members and consumers, we are powered by people every step of the way. And we’ve now got a better group of people than ever to cover the middle and have a larger impact on the agricultural community of the Mid-Atlantic. We are thrilled to have such knowledge, expertise and equipment as a part of our Foster360 team and operations.

Keith Purvis, Owner of Greenville Produce, will be joining the Foster executive team as Vice President of Value Added.

Together, we look forward to continuing to build strong and meaningful relationships across the Mid-Atlantic and bringing more people and food together in even better ways than ever before.

About Foster

Foster has been bringing people and food together since opening a produce stand on a street corner in Guilford County in 1902. Today, this family-owned fresh produce provider has grown to offer global distribution, supply chain, and freight solutions. Headquartered in Colfax, North Carolina, Foster proudly supports the local agricultural community throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.