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Chilean Grape Committee projects 35 million boxes for the U.S.

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March 4, 2024. The Chilean grape industry has shipped 20 million boxes globally through Week 8, and the Chilean Grape Committee estimates they will end the season very close to 62 million boxes.

The U.S. will receive roughly 57% of the total volume… around 35 million boxes.

Chile has exported 15 million boxes to the U.S. through Week 8. Another 20 million will be shipped between Weeks 9 and 17, with the East Coast receiving approximately 15 million, and the West Coast five. Weeks 11 and 12 have been highlighted as the peak weeks for shipments.

Comments Ignacio Caballero, director of marketing of Frutas de Chile and coordinator of the Grape Committee, “More than half of the volume projected for the U.S. market has yet to be shipped, and weekly volumes will increase starting in Week 10. It’s looking like mid-March through April will be a great time for retailers to promote Chilean grapes.”

The Chilean grape industry has seen significant growth this season in exports of Sweet Globe, Allison, Timco, and Autumn Crisp. The variety experiencing the greatest drop in volume has been Thompson Seedless, with volume plummeting by fifty-two percent in response to market feedback. In terms of other export markets, Chile has shipped 11% to the Far East, eight percent to Latin America, and five percent to Europe.

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