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Winter artichoke season arrives

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CASTROVILLE, Calif. (JAN 25, 2024) – Ocean Mist Farms, BB #:111742 the leading grower and marketer of fresh artichokes in North America, announced their winter artichoke season in Coachella is well under way peaking with harvests of their Gold Standard (green globe) artichokes, as well as first picks of highly sought-after purple artichokes. Peak season on artichokes means promotable volumes to retailers through February.

It also means the opportunity for retailers to construct some big, beautiful displays in their produce departments that will generate excitement as consumers are already feeling spring fever just a week shy of February.

“This is also a perfect opportunity for retailers to create some thoughtful and creative cross promotion displays including things like fresh lemons, olive oil, breadcrumbs, and dips,” said Mark Munger, senior director of marketing. Adding, “This will not only offer consumers a convenience by creating “one-stop-shopping” environments, but can also increase basket size while offering important color breaks in the display that will make it more likely to attract consumers and generate buzz.

The first Frost-Kissed® crop of the season was also being harvested a couple weeks ago out of their southern growing region in Coachella, Calif. According to Director of Sales, Joe Angelo, “These exclusive artichokes were not available last year as they only occur after frosts, much to the disappointment of artichoke aficionados who know that the darkened skin on the outer leaves is strictly cosmetic, doesn’t affect the eatability or quality of the artichoke and, in fact, the frost seems to seal in a more intense and distinctive nutty flavor.”

Continuing, “A possible second wave of Frost-Kissed artichokes may be available next month, weather contingent,” Angelo adds.

Ocean Mist has specially developed POS materials for retailers to help educate consumers about these limited artichokes which can be ordered from the Ocean Mist website here.

Ocean Mist will be rolling out a major consumer media campaign to inform consumers about this year’s winter artichoke crop. The media coverage will include consumer-focused communications, media press releases, and targeted social media content, to get consumers excited about artichoke season.

These efforts will put artichokes top of mind with consumers, bring about awareness, and create demand that helps drive sales of winter artichokes. These communications will include selection tips, unique and versatile recipes and usage ideas, and reminders that consumers can check out their website’s Store Locator to find Ocean Mist artichokes in stores near them nationwide.

“Artichokes are one of the produce items consumers get really passionate and excited about,” said, Senior Director of Marketing Mark Munger. Adding, “We know how important the caliber and quality of our artichoke products are to retailers – and consumers – and we make great efforts to meet and exceed those expectations every year with the artichokes from both our Castroville and Coachella growing regions.”

About Ocean Mist Farms

Ocean Mist Farms, a fourth-generation family-owned business in Castroville, Calif., the largest grower of fresh artichokes in North America, is committed to delivering the highest standards in the industry for product quality, food safety, sustainability, customer service, and innovation. The company’s full line of 30+ fresh vegetable commodities include their Gold Standard green and purple artichokes, as well as a valued-added and Season & Steam product line. To learn more about Ocean Mist Farms, visit or follow them on their socials on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.