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Revl Fruits launches as a premium juice brand


BOSTON, Jan. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing Revl Fruits, a new premium juice brand.

Revl Fruits was born to fill the “joy gap” in the premium juice market – a market that often asks consumers to compromise value and taste. Revl Fruits is the joyful, bright, flavor-bursting antidote to its dusty counterparts with attributes consumers desire – 100% juice, 25% less sugar* no GMOs or added sugar.

Crafted with a splash of coconut water, Revl Fruits’ 100% juice range is meant to be enjoyed morning, noon, and night, served chilled, or included in your favorite concoction. The four flavors include:

  • Boldly Cran: Packed with cranberries’ bold, tangy essence and naturally low sugar, Boldy Cran spotlights the naturally rich flavor of cranberries.
  • Tart Cherry: Tart Cherry is a celebration of this vibrant fruit. Each sip delivers the distinctive tartness that cherry enthusiasts crave.
  • Berry Wild: A fusion of nature’s most vibrant superfruits, cranberry, pomegranate, and açaí, Berry Wild is crafted to perfection and straight-up yum.
  • Truly Tropical: Featuring an enchanting blend of pineapple and mango, Truly Tropical will take you on a vacation with each sip.

Revl Fruits was designed with the planet in mind; it’s one of the only shelf-stable juices available in a 32 oz. Tetra Pak carton. More than 70% of the weight of the carton is made of paperboard, and the cap is made of bio-based plastic derived from plant-based renewable materials.

“For a long time, consumers have been forced to choose between products that fit their wellness lifestyle and meet their sustainability values while conceding on taste, joy, and value,” said Christina Zwicky, Head of Brand Marketing for Revl Fruits. “Revl Fruits believes that premium juice doesn’t have to mean heavy glass bottles, excessive pricing, a boring experience, or lackluster taste. Revl Fruits allows consumers to celebrate the joy of juice without the compromise.”

Recently, Revl Fruits flexed its brand ethos in a way that was as bold as its fruit. In LA, a town known for constantly changing health and wellness fads, Revl Fruits launched two billboards that declared that “good juice shouldn’t cost $15.” The billboards remarked on the cultural truth that good-for-you premium juices are becoming prohibitively expensive to the average consumer, further widening the compromise shoppers must make between value and wellness.

Depending on flavor, Revl Fruits SRPs are between $4-8. All flavors are available on, select Save Mart locations, and Gelson’s Market, and will be rolling out to additional retail stores throughout 2024. For more details, visit or follow Revl Fruits on Instagram, and Facebook, @RevlFruits.

  • Revl Fruits juices have at least 25% less sugar (21 g sugar per 8 FL OZ) compared to the leading brand of 100% juice (28 g sugar per 8 FL OZ)


Revl Fruits is a premium juice brand designed to be refreshingly different. The premium juices are available in four varieties: Boldly Cran, Tart Cherry, Berry Wild, and Truly Tropical. Revl Fruits was designed with the planet in mind, with Tetra Pak packaging made from mostly plant-based materials. All products contain a splash of coconut water, are 100% juice, have 25% less sugar than leading competitors, and have no GMOs or added sugar. Revl Fruits is a product of Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.