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Sun World adds eight importers to North American licensees

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Bakersfield, Calif. – Sun World International BB #:172413 today announced it has added eight importers to its panel of North American licensees. These include Canadawide Fruits BB #:117489, Direct Source Marketing BB #:195232, Flavor Farms BB #:396819, Fresh Latina BB #:370307, International Produce Group (IPG) BB #:168082, Pandol Bros BB #:111977, Sbrocco International BB #:143801 and Sun Fresh International BB #:163767. The appointments further expand the company’s licensed importers to 28 companies. The new importers join a distinguished list of Sun World licensed importers in North America.

Each of these companies holds a license to distribute and market Sun World’s full line of proprietary grapes in the United States and Canada or Canada-specific from licensed Chilean, Peruvian, Brazilian, European and South African suppliers. 

USA and Canada:

  • Camposol Fresh USA
  • Capespan North America,
  • David Oppenheimer & Co (US)/David Oppenheimer and Associates (Canada)
  • Dayka & Hackett
  • Direct Source Marketing
  • Divine Flavor International
  • Dole Fresh Fruit Company
  • Flavor Farms (Agricola Interandina)
  • Fresh Flavor International
  • Fresh Latina (Corp Agrolatina SAC)
  • Grapeman Farms
  • International Produce Group (IPG)
  • Jac Vanderburg
  • Joy Produce
  • Pacific Trellis Fruit
  • Pandol Bros
  • Safco Of America
  • SBROCCO International
  • Sierra Produce (R & C Berndt)
  • Star Produce
  • Summit Produce
  • Sun Fresh International
  • Terrasur Imports
  • Vanguard International Group
  • William H. Kopke Jr (US)/Southern Fruit Import Company (Canada)


  • Burnac Produce Co./Provincial Fruit Co.
  • Canadawide Fruits
  • North America Produce Buyers  

The licenses include the right to import fruit from new and existing varieties developed by Sun World, marketed under the company’s leading consumer brands, such as AUTUMNCRISP®, MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, SABLE SEEDLESS®, ADORA SEEDLESS®, and SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS®.  

“We are pleased to be able to bolster and expand our global footprint through the appointment of these extraordinary importers,” said Petri van der Merwe, Global Licensing Co-Director for Sun World. “As we continue our strategic growth and expand our marketing efforts for our consumer brands, like AUTUMNCRISP®, we are ensuring ease of access to our proprietary fruit. Our goal is to maximize the revenue for our licensed growers while increasing consumer exposure to our proprietary table grape varieties and consumer brands,” he added. 

Canadawide Fruits

Canadawide, a family-run business since its foundation in 1983, is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of conventional and organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Our clients include national grocery chains, retailers, distributors, food services and processing companies. We supply stores and distribution centres nationwide focusing mainly throughout Eastern Canada. Choosing Canadawide means having access to the largest selection of fruits and vegetables under one roof. Whether the product is locally grown, imported, exotic or conventional, our buyers’ role is to source the highest quality from anywhere in the world.

Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation by offering the widest variety of produce with the highest quality. Canadawide is more than just a company: it is a place that fosters employee growth and development. Many of our team members have been with us for decades.

Direct Source Marketing

Established in 2008, Direct Source Marketing is a vertical integrated Importer/Marketer that specializes in table grapes, cherries and berries. We have our own farming operations in Villacuri, Peru where we proudly farm the very best Autumn Crisp in Peru. We are excited to continue expanding our portfolio of Sun World varieties in the coming years. We also currently farm Strawberries on our new ranch in Santa Maria, Ca and will continue to grow our footprint in California as well. Our sales team based in Mount Kisco, NY is supported by our wholly owned subsidiary, Direct Source Logistics, providing 100% of the logistics services needed to provide the very best in on-time produce distribution. We continue to find ways through growing, importing and distribution to service our broad range of direct retail customers year-round.

Flavor Farms

Flavor Farms is an importing and fruit distributor company based in New Jersey, close to the port of Philadelphia, formed by a JV between Nathel & Nathel and Agricola Interandina.

Nathel & Nathel is one of the original fresh produce distributors in New York City with over 100 years serving the diverse metropolitan area with the freshest and highest quality produce and fruit. Working with partners as small as the neighborhood farms of Long Island and as large as the commercial powerhouses of North and South America, Nathel & Nathel has built a network of some of the best growers and packers around the world. In the spirit of continuing to foster these incredible partnerships and bring the best available products to its customers, Nathel & Nathel is proud to partner with InterAndina to import premium, world class fruit.

 Agricola Interandina is a grower packer and exporter of grapes and mandarins. Our farms are located 180km north of Lima and 45km inland from the Pacific Ocean, between 600 to 800mts of altitude.

We have year-round hot days and cool nights with a big temperature delta. These conditions, along with our farming team, allow us to produce top notch quality and flavor with big size and crunch. We currently have planted only AUTUMNCRISP® in grapes and are trialing other Sun World green, red and black grape varieties for future growth.”

Fresh Latina

“Fresh Latina is the exclusive importer and distributor of Corporacion Agrolatina’s Table Grapes, Avocados and Pomegranate Arils. We manage supply programs between November and July, with produce coming exclusively from our fields. Our main focus is to build retail, wholesale, food service and small retail programs during our import season, so that our customers can build direct import programs from the source. Fresh Latina has the capacity of importing and distributing fruit in The United States.”

International Produce Group (IPG)

International Produce Group (IPG), established in 2002, is a prominent player in the global fresh produce industry, with operations that extend not only throughout the United States but also across Latin America, encompassing nations like Peru and Chile. IPG stands out as they specialize in both importing fresh produce into the USA and exporting high-quality fruits worldwide from multiple origins. This unique position of both importing and exporting globally allows unparalleled advantages for both IPG’s growers and customers.

As a leading fresh produce supplier, IPG excels in supply chain management, rigorous quality control, and global procurement, enabling them to deliver freshness faster. IPG’s unwavering mission is to enhance the entire supply chain, benefiting growers and customers alike while nourishing the world with exceptional produce.

Pandol Bros

Today, if you pick Pandol, you’re picking some of the plumpest, juiciest, tastiest grapes in the world. The fact is we deliver all kinds of fabulous, fresh, delicious produce. Tasty blueberries, yummy apples, the finest cherries, and much more.

There are three key reasons why our third and fourth generation Pandol family business supplies better grapes and produce to the global village. First, we’ve been growing and delivering the world’s best produce for almost 8 decades. So, we learned a long time ago to keep a close eye on our fruit every step of the way. Seven days a week. 365 days a year.

Sure, we may be a close California family, but we’ve worked hard to nurture and extend our network of strategic partnerships. Beyond North America, Pandol sources and distributes produce from and to our friends in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia. That’s one more reason why we can deliver our exceptional grapes, and other fresh fruits, around the globe, year ’round.

Lastly, the Pandol family and organization will always go the extra mile to earn your trust and respect. Every day. Making sure you’re happy is an important way to help you grow your business and ours.

Sbrocco Internationalis a family run company, founded in 1992 by Harold Sbrocco, Sbrocco International is known in the industry for its high-quality imported fruit.  It is a veteran and woman owned company that prides itself on delivering the finest fruits to its retail customers with service that is unrivaled in the produce industry.  Sbrocco International markets the highest quality Blueberries, Grapes, Apples, Citrus, Pears, and Stone Fruit, with an exceptional grower portfolio.

Sun Fresh International

Sun Fresh International’s origins began in the early 1950’s when the owners began working in produce sales and marketing. It was in 1999, however, when dreams of opportunity brought separate individuals together, combining each of their strengths to form Sun Fresh International. 

Today, Sun Fresh International is a year-round sales and marketing company for fruits grown in the US and imported from Peru, Mexico and Chile.  We have internal operations and carefully selected growing partners in those regions to ensure only the finest quality for our customers.   

We offer many items from these growing areas including grapes, cherries, apples, pears, kiwi and blueberries.  Having offices located in California and New Jersey, close to our distribution centers, allows us to manage our distribution in the best way possible to help ensure we are meeting our customer’s expectations with premium quality and service.

About Sun World

Sun World International is a global variety development and licensing business. The California-based company has a network of licensed growers and marketers and maintains offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Israel, and South Africa. In 2023, Sun World launched a global marketing campaign for its iconic AUTUMNCRISP® brand seedless green grapes. This effort, anticipated to be the largest-ever for a branded grape, is designed to drive demand and increase revenue for the company’s international network of licensees. More information about Sun World is available at