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Inteligistics granted patent for labor saving technology

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Salinas, CA (November 13, 2023) — Inteligistics, a leader in the digital transformation of the perishable supply chain, was recently granted Patent No. 11,810,041 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their “System, method, and computer program product for predicting perishable product temperatures and quality.”
“Quick cooling and maintenance of the cold chain are the most important factors in determining quality and shelf life,” said Lawrence Mallia, VP, Digital Transformation at Inteligistics. “Our system combines environmental and product data with real-time temperature probe data, to generate a machine-learning model that is predictive of product temperature and quality throughout the supply chain.”
The patented process, used independently or in conjunction with Inteligistics’ InteliCool product, combines environmental and product data with real-time temperature probe data in cooling, cold storage, transport and other stages of perishables supply chain.
The result is optimization of cooling cycles in tunnels, tubes, mac coolers and other cooling assets to provide maximum efficiency. This extends shelf life, increases throughput, results in significant savings in labor and energy use, an improvement in sustainability, and a reduction in food waste.
“This patent award is confirmation of the uniqueness and utility of our digital cold chain management system,” said Rao Mandava, Inteligistics CEO and Chairman. “This is especially important as companies face increasing challenges maintaining growth and margins, along with labor shortages. With minimal or no investment or disruption to existing processes, we are able to demonstrate significant improvements and consistency in their perishable operations.”
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Inteligistics is uniquely placed in perishables industries using Silicon Valley technology and process improvements to bring digital transformation, turn Big Data into clear actions through AI/ML, and deliver high value improvements to supply chain and cold chain performance for perishable commodities. The resulting increase in productivity and reduction in critical cut-to-cool times, resources help meet sustainability goals. Using IoT, off-the-shelf wireless hardware, and proprietary cloud-based applications, Inteligistics develops custom solutions and provides an end-to-end integrated supply chain platform and standalone applications that improve quality, throughput, increase profits and deliver high ROI on the critical process of moving product from field to consumer. Visit and