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Fruit World earns EFI certification

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Reedley, CA – Fruit World, BB #:187196 a fresh produce company centered on honesty and sustainability, is excited to welcome the California winter citrus season. Adding to the excitement of the season, Fruit World also announced their recent EFI certification out of their Reedley facility.

The announcement of the EFI certification has reverberated throughout the entire Fruit World community, from the growers and farmworkers to their valued customers. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved.

Bianca Kaprielian, the Founder and CEO of Fruit World, beamed, “This certification marks a monumental accomplishment. We take our mission of creating an equitable and sustainable food system to heart, and this achievement demonstrates that our actions match our words.”

The California citrus season arrives fashionably late this year, starting two to three weeks later than usual, but the delay builds anticipation for a spectacular showcase. At a time when citrus volume is down across the board this year, Fruit World is working harder than ever to make every piece count. They are grateful for the increased organic citrus acreage that is coming into play this season, further emphasizing their commitment to the long haul.

“We can’t help but get excited when the California winter citrus season rolls around. We love so much about it- the beautiful pops of orange color, the sweet juiciness, and the real range in varieties and flavor.” reminisces Kaprielian.

The season commences with the much-anticipated organic lemon program, a year-round favorite featuring the freshest fruit from the desert region. With their vibrant color and fresh taste, lemons serve as the perfect winter pick-me-up.

Sweet limes have also made their grand entrance, while grapefruit will soon join the winter citrus ensemble by month’s end. November heralds the arrival of Navels and mandarins, with Minneolas, Cara Cara, and Blood Oranges all shipping in December.

This November, Kaprielian will join industry experts on a panel during the Organic Grower Summit, discussing the upcoming Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) rule and ways in which the grower community can prepare for these changes.

“The updates to the USDA National Organic Program regulations are significant. The intent to minimize organic fraud is appreciated; at the same time, we see the challenges it will present to growers, buyers, and sellers of organic produce,” Kaprielian said. “We are working to make sure we are well positioned to be in compliance once the new regulations go into effect in March, which is the tail end of our winter citrus season. Our hope is that we can help other farmers navigate these changes, too.”

Given the expected shorter season, Kaprielian encourages customers to plan ahead for their winter and early spring promotions, as this citrus extravaganza is likely to wrap up by the beginning of April.

To place an order or to learn more about Fruit World’s Winter Citrus program, please visit or contact the sales team at

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