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Tommy Wilkins takes on sales, business development role with Horton Fruit Co. in Dallas

tommy wilkins horton fruit dallas

DALLAS, TX, (October 5, 2023) – Tommy Wilkins, an industry giant with more than 40 years of experience in the produce sector, has been named Director of Sales and Business Development for Horton Fruit Company’s BB #:395798 newly established location in Dallas, Texas.

Wilkins and Horton Fruit, a family-owned company operating throughout the eastern U.S. for over 75 years, will support the surrounding region’s grocery, retail, and foodservice industries as a key sourcing, packing, conditioning and distribution point for perishable goods.

“Our expansion into Dallas is an opportunity to move closer to the source for much of our product menu, which originates in Mexico,” stated Mike Wise, President of The Horton Fruit Company. “No one knows the Mexico/Texas trading corridor better than Tommy and we are thrilled to have him further develop our supplier, and customer relations in that region.”  

Since its inception in 1946, Horton has focused primarily on strong customer relationships to guide its multifaceted fruit and vegetable solutions. These customer needs have evolved to include dedicated growing operations, sourcing, packing, ripening and distribution — all services Wilkins now brings to Dallas, bearing immense promise for both the company and its partners.

“We’re taking a company that’s had a lot of success with its customer-centric philosophy in the Midwest and Southeast and introducing that to a region that’s exploding with growth, all supported with our own in-house trucking operation, First Call Logistics” Wilkins said. 

Unparalleled Expertise for Modern Challenges

Few know the produce business as well as Tommy Wilkins. His background includes 12 years managing all aspects of buying, selling and logistics at Wilkins-Genova and another 7 years as the Director of Produce Procurement at United Supermarkets in Lubbock, TX. Wilkins then joined Horton Fruit’s sister company Grow Farms Texas, where he managed sales and business development out of McAllen, TX, for the past 10 years.

Today, Wilkins also serves as a central figure in shaping national agriculture policy as Chairman of the Texas International Produce Association (TIPA).

“Tommy has a unique acumen for identifying challenges and determining courses of action that directly benefit the customer,” Wise added. “Coming over from our sister company Grow Farms Texas, Tommy is already very familiar with our business. We feel his extensive experience in all facets of the produce industry makes him an unmatched resource for us and our customers, looking to navigate the complexities of today’s produce environment.”

Wilkins’ addition signals a firm commitment from Horton Fruit to provide unmatched customer support throughout the region. His presence in the newly opened facility, equipped with multiple temperature zones, repacking capabilities and the backing of an in-house logistics team (First Call Logistics), grants a new crowd of coast-to-coast shippers access to one of the best logistics problem-solvers in the business.

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About the Horton Fruit Company

The Horton Fruit Company is a family-owned business that offers all aspects of the produce supply chain from source to store including growing, repacking, processing, and full-line distribution. Founded in 1946, The Horton Fruit Company has grown to become a nationally approved supplier of fruit and vegetables to the leading retail and foodservice companies in the United States. For more information, please visit