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Stemilt announces new leadership positions

Mike Taylor and Tate Mathison to begin new roles in Stemilt Sales and Research and Development

WENATCHEE, Wash. – Delighting consumers starts with cultivating the people at Stemilt BB #:113654 who make World Famous Fruit possible. As part of a strategic plan, two long-time Stemilters, Mike Taylor, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Tate Mathison, Director of Sales have transitioned into new roles.

Taylor has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Development Strategy, while Mathison will become VP of Sales and Marketing.

“It’s with great pleasure that we congratulate Mike and Tate on their new roles,” says West Mathison, Stemilt president. “This has been a long-time coming and part of a larger plan around business growth and enhancing the customer and consumer experience with Stemilt World Famous Fruit. We’re excited to see Mike and Tate bring their individual skills to both the orchard and sales sides of the business and are confident both areas will benefit from their leadership.”

As senior vice president of business development, Taylor will oversee Stemilt’s orchard management business, Stemilt Ag Services, and in-house research and development team. He will steward existing and foster new relationships on the farming and breeding sides of the business with a focus on long-range plans for new varieties and orchard development.

Mathison will step into the role of vice president of sales and marketing where he will oversee the sales and marketing departments and team leads, improve systems and processes, and develop sales strategies and business plans to foster growth at Stemilt. Both Taylor and Mathison will continue their roles on Stemilt’s executive leadership team and be instrumental in developing future leaders at Stemilt.

Mike has worked closely with the sales team and retail customers promoting Stemilt fruits in stores nationwide for 29 years,” says West. “He has overseen steep growth in Stemilt’s sales volume and marketing activities since 2006. He is a true visionary, and we look forward to seeing his ideas in action in another part of the business that will gain from his expertise.”

Taylor joined the Stemilt team in 1994 as a sales assistant and rose quickly up the ranks as a sales representative in 1995, director of sales in 2000, and to his most recent role as vice president of sales and marketing in 2006. Taylor and his family are also key growers at Stemilt and own Taylor Orchards which grows fresh pears in the Wenatchee and Entiat River Valleys.

“Not only is Mike a passionate businessman, but he also knows the ins and outs of growing fruit for flavor and freshness,” says West. “His experience in the industry has led him to be a strong mentor to Tate over the years poising Tate for success in his role now.”

Tate Mathison’s journey at Stemilt started at age 6 when he delivered cookies and coffee at his family orchard. He was involved in various farm jobs throughout his childhood and teenage life before going on to study business at Pacific Lutheran University. After earning a degree, Mathison relocated to Los Angeles and gained experience outside of the family business by working at Dole. He began as a technical service representative and was promoted to tropical sales manager before leaving to join Stemilt’s sales team in 2007. In his 16 years at Stemilt, Mathison has led value added programs, served as an account rep for national and regional customers, and directed the sales team and personnel. He has played a significant role in bringing new varieties and branded fruits to market.

“I’m excited about the evolution that is happening for Mike and Tate and how their knowledge will open opportunities within Stemilt’s teams and propel our current systems and processes into the future,” said West. “Their leadership will help us continue to build meaningful relationships with people throughout the supply chain as we continue to work hard each day to cultivate people and delight consumers through excellence.”

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About Stemilt

Stemilt is a family-owned grower, packer, and shipper of tree fruit. Owned and operated by the Mathison family, Stemilt’s mission is to cultivate people and delight consumers through excellence with its World Famous Fruits. Stemilt is a leader in sweet cherries and organic tree fruits, and a key supplier of apples and pears. The company stewards an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business through its Responsible Choice program, which has been in place since 1989. For more information about Stemilt, visit