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Green Field Farms unveils eco-friendly packaging alternative

Green Field Farms introduces sustainable alternative to traditional packaging

Recyclable and compostable packaging brings additional value to certified organic produce

Wooster, Ohio — Green Field Farms BB #:363330 does custom packaging of produce for retailers. This includes bags, trays, and wrapping. Many of their products that used to be put in bags are now going onto trays, and being overwrapped. These trays are compostable, allowing consumers to reduce their non-biodegradable waste.

Green Field Farms has also redesigned its boxes to reduce the use of wax used in the supply chain. Historically, most produce was packed into waxed boxes, though many products are suitable for dry boxes. These changes have resulted in the 1/3 bushel, 1/2 bushel, and 1-1/9 bushel boxes being entirely converted to dry boxes, thus making much of the waste at retailers recyclable.

When these changes were made, all of the box sizes were changed to improve shipping efficiencies. All of the boxes are sized to stay within the edges of a pallet. By adjusting the length x width x height ratios, additional product can be added to a pallet, thus reducing freight costs per box. In some cases, it also allows for more pallets to be added to a truck, again reducing the cost of freight per box.

About Green Field Farms

Green Field Farms, a farmer owned co-op, was established in 2003 to revitalize the Plain Community’s rich farming history. These small family farms have been growing organic and nutrient dense food for centuries.  The co-op includes many produce growers planting and harvesting approximately 400 acres of certified organic produce.  Green Field Farms producers follow strict guidelines and common principles that reach beyond FDA regulations to provide healthy, nourishing products.  For more information, visit or contact them at