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Logistics firm gets boost from sponsoring Open Champion golfer

brian harman megacorp
Brian Harman won the Open Championship at Royal Liverpool in July, and wore his sponsor’s hat, MegaCorp Logistics, throughout the tournament. (Photos courtesy MegaCorp)

While golfer Brian Harman claimed his biggest professional win at the Open Championship at Royal Liverpool, July 23, one of his sponsors also is reaping the benefits.

MegaCorp Logistics, LLC, BB #:211093, headquartered in Wilmington, NC, has sponsored Harman since 2018, including on his hat during the tournament.

Katie Braskett, director of marketing, said the publicity during and after the event has paid off for MegaCorp.

“We have seen an increase in business from our current clients and an increase in new clients onboarding with MegaCorp,” she said. “Our analytics showed over a 5,000 percent increase in web traffic during the final two rounds and into the following week. A lot of our clients reached out letting us know they were rooting for Brian also.”

MegaCorp is a full-service logistics company, specializing in full and less-than-truckload shipments, including shipping fresh produce throughout the country.

“Produce is the backbone of our company and how our CEO, Ryan Legg, got started in the logistics Industry,” Braskett said. “It is our most shipped commodity, and we are very strong and knowledgeable in this sector.”

As for the Open Championship, Braskett said the company held several watch parties and monitored media and social media coverage, some of which centered on finding out just what MegaCorp is.

Some of that included poking fun at their name. Among the online comments were:

“Obviously they assemble sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.”

“Try to take over small, quaint, ski towns in Hallmark movies.”

“My team and I watched closely, and it’s been fun and great to see,” Braskett said. “The overall response has been positive, and we are happy to poke fun at ourselves because we know that we are great at what we do – full truck load shipping and logistics solutions.”

Josh Gentry, CRO; Brian Harman; Bob Klare, President

She said many in the company have gotten to know Harman through the years.

“He has become friends with some of our team members, and he stops by the office at least once a year, which is followed by a round of golf with some of our VIP clients,” Braskett said.

She said the experience of sponsoring Harman has been better than they expected.

“This has been a wonderful experience, among the top in my career because this is exactly what we were hoping for with our sponsorship,” Braskett said. “We of course wanted Brian to win on a personal level because he is such a great guy, but on a business level, we know a win comes with exposure and that many people will wonder what MegaCorp is, then Google us and mention us on social media, thus helping expand our brand awareness. I however didn’t see such a big win coming with this happening at The Open.”


Greg Johnson is Vice President of Media for Blue Book Services